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Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu. (Voice by George Takei).
Starfleet officer assigned as Helmsman and Weapons Officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise while under the command of Captain James Kirk. Hikaru Sulu was born in San Francisco on Earth in 2237. He graduated Starfleet Academy in 2259 and was later posted to the Starship Enterprise as Staff Physicist in 2265. In 2266, Mr. Sulu was transferred to command section (yellow shirts) and assumed the responsibility of Helmsman and Weapons Officer. Mr. Sulu was a very professional officer and was especially well liked by his fellow crewmembers. He had a wide variety of hobbies including recreational botany and fencing. Mr. Sulu was also an expert in the area of weapons, especially old-Earth firearms. In addition to these hobbies, Sulu studied and admired the philosophy of Earth's Japanese Samurai.

On stardate 1254.4, when the crew of the Enterprise learned that they had magical powers while near the galactic center, Sulu conjured up a beautiful woman out of thin air. ("The Magicks of Megas-Tu"). On stardate 5577.3, while in a miniaturized state, Sulu broke his leg from a fall on the bridge. The crew of the Enterprise had been reduced in size by spiroid epsilon waves emanating from a planet that was the location of the Terratin colony. ("The Terratin Incident"). Sulu along with Spock and Uhura, was part of the mission to transport a Slaver stassis box to starbase 25 on stardate 4187.3. After all three were abducted by the Kzinti crew of the Traitor's Claw, Sulu was instrumental in ascertaining that the slaver device found within the stassis box was in fact the weapon of an espionage agent. ("The Slaver Weapon").

In 2270, Sulu, McCoy and Uhura became trapped in the holographic recreation room when the ship's computer began exhibiting aberrant behavior following the ship's passage through an energy cloud. ("The Practical Joker"). Later that year on stardate 6770.3 after the Enterprise entered an anti-matter universe, the crew of the ship experienced accelerated reverse aging and Sulu was reduced to infancy. After the starship returned to normal space, Sulu and the crew were returned to their normal ages by use of the ship's transporters. ("The Counter-Clock Incident").

The character of Sulu appeared in all but three episodes of the animated series, "Yesteryear", "The Ambergris Element", and "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth." Actor George Takei also had played the live action Sulu in the original Star Trek series and movies. Like James Doohan, George Takei also provided the voices of other characters in the animated series from time to time. Sulu's first name was given in STAR TREK VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

Actor George Takei has written his memoirs, To The Stars: The Autobiography of George Takei - STAR TREK's Mr. Sulu, which was published in 1994. Mr. Takei's book is an excellent read and is especially noteworthy for its socially-important and long-overdue treatment of life in the unconstitutional internment camps where Japanese persons living in the U.S. were interred during World War II. This book is a must-read for Sulu fans and the civic minded.