Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott. (Voice by James Doohan).
Starfleet officer assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise as Chief Engineer from 2264 to 2270, under the command of Captain James Kirk. Mr. Scott is known to his friends as "Scotty." Chief Engineer Scott was most at home in the Engineering areas of the ship, and he was very possessive of "his" engines, "his" tranporters, etc. He is a consumate professional, spends much of his off hours keeping up with technical journals and has made himself one of Captain Kirk's main assets. Mr. Scott was extremely loyal to his captain and the team of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scott was like that of the Four Musketeers in that they have gone through much together and all owe each other their lives. Mr. Scott knows his way around the ship's bridge also and is recognized as the Enterprise's third-in-command. Scotty is of Scottish descent and while under the influence of the women of Taurus II, he sang a Welsh ballad on the bridge. He was incapacitated enough by the "siren's song" to nessecitate that Lieutenant Uhura assume command of the ship. ("The Lorelei Signal"). When Harry Mudd's love potion accidentally was released into the ship's air supply, Mr. Scott and Lieutenant M'Ress found each other quite attractive, but after the effects of the drug wore off, they became disagreeable with each other. ("Mudd's Passion"). When Kirk and Spock became lost on the watery surface of the planet Argo following the destruction of their Aquashuttle, Mr. Scott led the away team that searched for them with a scouter-gig. ("The Ambergris Element").

The character of Mr. Scott appeared in every episode of the animated series except "The Slaver Weapon." James Doohan portrayed Mr. Scott in the original series, movies and in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Mr. Doohan also provided the voices to some 55 characters in the Animated STAR TREK series including the semi-regular character Lieutenant Arex. On two different episodes ("Yesteryear" and "The Ambergris Element") he did the voices of seven characters!

In his book, Beam Me Up, Scotty - STAR TREK's Scotty in his own words, actor James Doohan stated that he was very happy to be able to do so many voices for animated characters.