LT. Gabler

Lieutenant Gabler. (James Doohan).
Starfleet engineering officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise while under the command of Captain James Kirk. Gabler worked primarily in main engineering section and he acted as Chief Engineer Scott's head assistant. Gabler was one of Scotty's best engineers and he aspired to be a chief engineer himself one day. Gabler would sometimes assist the ship's security team.

In mid 2269, on stardate 5371.3, Lieutenant Gabler assisted when Mr. Scott and Captain Kirk recharged the ship's anti-matter supply with a piece of villi obtained from within a massive planet-devouring cloud entity. ("One Of Our Planets Is Missing"). When the U.S.S. Enterprise was briefly taken over by the amusement-park planet computer on stardate 5591.2, Gabler worked in the engine room trying to restore proper functioning of the gravity control computer. ("Once Upon A Planet"). Lt. Gabler was leading an engineering team in the ship's engine room when the Enterprise crew first began to shrink due to the ship being bombarded by spiroid epsilon waves from the Terratin colony. ("The Terratin Incident"). On stardate 5267.6, while on duty guarding the ship's dilithium vault with Lt. Bell, Gabler encountered two Klingons in the restricted area. Gabler and Bell brought the transgression to the attention of Captain Kirk on the bridge. ("The Time Trap").

In 2270, on stardate 5275.6, Gabler, along with the rest of crew, contracted the Dramian Auroral plague and he would have died had Dr. McCoy not found a cure. ("Albatross").

Lieutenant Gabler appeared and had dialogue in three episodes of the animated series: "Once Upon A Planet", "The Terratin Incident" and "The Time Trap." In "One Of Our Planets Is Missing," Gabler was spoken to, but did not appear onscreen. Gabler was never given a first name in any television episode or movie. James Doohan provided the voice for the character of Gabler.