Animated STAR TREK - Battlecruiser

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Klingon/Romulan Ship

D-7 class Klingon/Romulan Battlecruiser. The Klingon and Romulan Empires formed an alliance sometime between 2266 and 2268. In this alliance, the Romulans were given the design of the Klingon battle cruiser which the they began to use as early as 2268. The Klingons probably received cloaking technology in exchange as they are seen to possess this capability in 2285. The Klingon warship design shown here is a formidable fighting vessel and is equally matched by the Federation Constitution-class starships both in speed and weaponry. This class of Klingon vessel was equipped with two disruptor banks mounted on the ship's twin warp nacelles. Klingon battlecruisers have clashed with the U.S.S. Enterprise on several occasions. Early in 2269 on stardate 5392.4 the Enterprise rescued Cyrano Jones when his scout ship was being pursued by the Devisor under the command of Captain Koloth. During that incident the Klingon cruiser Devisor was fitted with a projected stassis field which turned out not to be a very practical weapon due to its immense power requirements. ("More Tribbles, More Troubles") The class designation of this type of battle cruiser was established to be D-7 in the 1996 Deep Space Nine episode "Trials and Tribble-ations."

As a result of an alliance with the Klingons, beginning around 2268, the Romulan Star Empire began using battlecruisers of Klingon design. These already fearsome warships were made even more of a threat when the Romulans installed cloaking devices in them. The Romulans used vessels of this design in their encounters with the Enterprise on stardates 5143.3 ("The Survivor") and 3183.3. ("The Practical Joker"). The Romulan version of the battlecrusier also featured elaborate yellow and red markings on either side of the ship's secondary hull.

In the original series, Klingon battle cruisers fired weapons from the front of the twin lower propulsion units. However, in the animated series, Klingon ships fired yellow photon torpedoes from the front "head" of the ship as would be seen again in STAR TREK: The Motion Picture in 1979.

(NOTE: The Klingon/Romulan Battle Cruiser of the animated series was slightly different from how it appeared on the original series. The animated vessel had a protuding sensor array on the forward hull and two small horizontal bars on either side of the rear of the connecting pylon. The original series ship had a flush-mounted sensor and no small horizontal bars. The reason for this difference is simple. It appears that the animators used a store-bought AMT Klingon ship model kit as an aid to drawing the ship for the series. The model kit instructions incorrectly directed the model builder to make the forward sensor protude. The kit also comes with the aforementioned horizontal pylon bars, called "B.R. tubes" in the instructions. View the Model Instruction Sheets: Front and Back ).

Paroramic view of Battlecruiser