Animated STAR TREK - Starfleet Cargo Drone

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Cargo Drone

Starfleet Cargo Drone. Unmanned cargo transport starship. These ships were self-guided, capable of warp speeds, and were about half as long as Constitution-class starships. On Stardate 5392.4 the U.S.S. Enterprise accompanied two cargo drones carrying quintotriticale grain for use on Sherman's Planet. The Klingon Battle Cruiser Devisor pursued and attacked a Scout Ship piloted by space trader and smuggler Cyrano Jones. The Enterprise investigated and rescued Jones. Captain Koloth in command of the Devisor used a stassis field projector to immobilize the Enterprise. Captain Kirk then used the two robot cargo ships to distract the Klingons. The Klingons tried to immobilize the drones with the stassis field, but the Devisor's power supply became drained as a result and had to veer off. ("More Tribbles, More Troubles").
(Size comparison between the Cargo Drone and the Enterprise).