Animated STAR TREK - S.S. Huron

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S.S. Huron

S.S. Huron. Federation freighter/cargo ship, registy number NCC-F1913, commanded in 2270 by Captain O'Shea. On stardate 6334.1 the Huron was attacked and ransacked by an Orion pirate vessel, leaving the bridge crew severely injured. The Huron's cargo had contained dilithium crystals and a small quantity of strobolin, a vital medicine needed urgently by U.S.S. Enterprise Chief Medical Officer McCoy to treat Mr. Spock for choriocytosis, a disease fatal to Vulcans. ("The Pirates of Orion").

The Uniforms & Insignia page within this site has a section devoted to starship insignia patches including the S.S. Huron's insignia.

(Size comparison between the S.S. Huron and the U.S.S. Enterprise).

Larger Picture of S.S. Huron

Images of the S.S. Huron's Bridge:

Image of the S.S. Huron's spacious Cargo Bay: