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Beginning in the 1970's, Saturday morning television featured educational spots of 30 or 60 seconds as an attempt by the big three U.S. networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) to instruct the kiddies as they watched their morning cartoons. These interstitial programs usually took the form of musical education short films such as ABC's popular and now cult favorite Schoolhouse Rock (1973-1980) and CBS' Bicentennial Minute (1974-1976). These programs taught such things as Multiplication tables, Grammar, American government and Science.

Had NBC decided to teach principles of sound reasoning in the mid-1970's they could do no better than to have the logical Mister Spock do the teaching. As an addition to the the two-dozen or so Public Service Announcements I created featuring the animated crew of the Starship Enterprise, I have created a new series of PSAs featuring Mr. Spock called "Logical Thinking."

I intend to make a dozen or so of these in each of which Spock corrects some crewmembers after overhearing them employing a logical fallacy in their discussions. Using the Vulcan science officer to educate them in proper reasoning is "Only Logical" as he states at the end of each PSA.

These new PSAs were written seriously just like the ones that were seen on Saturday mornings in the 1970's and 1980's, but when viewed with today's sensibilities, they will probably seem quaint and perhaps humorous. They have been uploaded to youTube and they can be watched below. Enjoy...

Curt Danhauser
October 2013

Argumentum Ad Populum (Appeal to the Majority)

Ignoratio Elenchi (Irrelevant Conclusion)

Petitio Principii (Circular Reasoning)

Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc (Correlation is not Causality)

Straw Man Fallacy (Misrepresenting the Opposing Argument)

Ad Hominem (Attack the Man)

Ad Antiquitam (Appeal to Tradition)

Ad Baculum (Appeal to Force)

Confirmation Bias & Sunk Cost Fallacy

Ad Verecundiam (Appeal to Authority)

False Compromise

Halo Effect & Gambler's Fallacy

Ad Ignorantium (Arguing from Ignorance)

Single Cause Fallacy (Complex Cause)

Complex Question (False Dilemma)

Conjunction Fallacy

Fallacy of the Inverse

Affirming the Consequent (Converse Fallacy)

Argument from Incredulity (Appeal to Common Sense)

Appeal to Emotion

Argumentum Ad Nauseam

Hasty Generalization (Insufficient Sample Size)

Ipse Dixit ("It Simply Is")

Argument from Fallacy (Bad Reasons Fallacy)

Zero Sum Bias

Double Standard

Appeal to Motive

Wishful Thinking

Red Herring

False Analogy


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