Animated STAR TREK - The Traitor's Claw

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Traitor's Claw

Traitor's Claw. Refit Kzinti police vessel sent on a covert mission to acquire a slaver stasis box in the hopes that it would contain something that would allow the Kzinti to gain dominance in the galaxy. Chuft Captain was the commander of the Traitor's Claw. In 2269 on stardate 4187.3, the long range shuttlecraft Copernicus, with Commander Spock, Lieutenant Sulu and Lieutenant Uhura aboard, was on a mission to transport a slaver box to starbase 25. They encountered Chuft captain and his ship and crew on an airless ice-covered planetoid. The Starfleet officers were captured and their stasis box was taken. Chuft captain explained that he and his crew were pirates and that his ship was a stolen police vessel. In fact, the Kzinti government had fully authorized Chuft captain's mission and the use of the ship. Inside the stasis box the Kzinti found a slaver device. After the Kzinti experimented with the device it exploded killing all five Kzinti and severely damaging the Traitor's Claw. ("The Slaver Weapon").

Note: The Kzinti police cruiser ship seen in this episode was pink in color. When asked why the fearsome Kzinti warriors would be flying around in a pink ship, series director Hal Sutherland replied that he hadn't realized that the production people had made the ship pink since he was color blind.

Panoramic view of the interior of the Traitor's Claw.