Animated STAR TREK - Copernicus

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Copernicus. Long-range shuttlecraft, Registry number NCC-1701/10, carried aboard the Federation starship U.S.S. Enterprise. In 2269 on stardate 4187.3, Commander Spock, Lieutenant Sulu and Lieutenant Uhura used the shuttlecraft Copernicus on a mission to deliver a Slaver stassis box to Starbase 25. They were lured to an almost airless, ice-covered planetoid by the crew of the Kzinti ship the Traitor's Claw. The Kzin took the stassis box, which contained a Slaver espionage-agent's device. Once the device had determined that the Kzin were enemies, it self destructed taking the Kzinti with it. After the incident, Spock and his crew took the Copernicus to a rendezvous with the Enterprise. ("The Slaver Weapon").