Although there were twenty-three different STAR TREK Story Record packages produced (not counting cassette tape sets and the audio adaptations of the first four movies by Buena Vista Records), there were only eleven different original stories. Seven of these were first produced in 1975 and 1976. Then, with the release of the first STAR TREK Movie in 1979 the last four stories were created, and the first seven were re-released. All packages produced in 1979 featured photos from STAR TREK: The Motion Picture which was released in December of that year. Although photos of the new Enterprise and crew uniforms were shown on the packages, the first nine stories took place in the era of the Original series and the Animated series, which was circa 2269-2270. This fact is made obvious by the comic read along books included in several record sets, as they featured depictions of the original series ship and crew. The two exceptions were "The Robot Masters" and "Dinosaur Planet" whose comics depicted the crew in the grey STAR TREK: The Motion Picture outfits.

    Below are listed the eleven stories in chronological order of release. Also given is a brief sketch of what the story was about. The story titles below link to a dedicated story page which gives a full synopsis and particulars such as writer, production date, running time, and other details.

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  The crew of the Enterprise must contend with the escape aboard ship of a small but ferocious alien animal that telepathically projects its terror into the minds of anyone who ventures near.

  While at a diplomatic conference with the Klingons and Romulans, Kirk and Spock must deal with the presence of an infamous galactic troublemaker whose unwitting actions threaten the talks.

  The Enterprise crew encounters a being of pure sound whose attempts at communication threaten to deafen them and possibly rattle the ship apart.

  After venturing near a phenomenon that slows down time, the Enterprise crew encounters the inhabitants of a ship that is powered by magic.

  The laugh-inducing microscopic parasites that benignly live on the body of a visiting ambassador begin to infest the ship's crew.

  The Enterprise crew encounters two vastly powerful and ancient starships that are locked in eternal combat, and struggles to convince them both that they are not enemies of either side.

  The problem-solving abilities of Mr. Spock are put to the test when a periodically occurring mass stampede threatens all crops on a Federation planet.

  After the Enterprise crew witnesses a vast meteor swarm devastate a Federation city renowned for its beauty, they undertake to follow clues that indicate that the meteors were being controlled by artificial means.

  As hundreds of sophisticated robots disappear throughout Federation space, the Enterprise crew sets a trap for the culprits only to discover that the Romulans are hoarding the robots in a plot to use them as soldiers in a massive attack on a Federation starbase.

  While investigating a rocky, earthquake and volcano-wracked world, the Enterprise's sensors detect intelligent life-forms on the impossibly inhospitable planet's surface. After a landing party beams down to rescue these beings from the earthquakes and lava, they are menaced by huge dinosaurs.

  The Enterprise crew must mount a rescue when visiting ambassadors abduct Lieutenant Uhura after learning that she has the computer skills needed to tend to their electronic god.

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