Writers: Cary Bates & Neal Adams
Running Time: 16:19
Stardate: 6134.6
Date of Release: 1975


    The Enterprise experiences a mysterious time slowdown. Within three light years of the high-density energy field, Kirk stops the ship. When the ship turned around, the effect went away. They detect a ship nearby bearing markings that indicate it is a warship. The ship hails them, a male voice calling himself Konrac demands that the Enterprise crew surrender or he will annihilate them. Shortly after, the other ship attacks. The alien ship is larger than the Enterprise, but only has a crew of two. Kirk has the two persons aboard the other ship beamed aboard the Enterprise.

   Konrac, a huge barbaric warrior and his companion Klee arrive. Konrac is subdued when Spock knocks out Klee who has been magically giving Konrac greater strength. The two hope to stop the Ghola, because their plan has been stunted by the proximity to Ghola. They attacked the Enterprise because they thought it was part of Ghola. Kirk orders weapons fired at the Ghola - but to no effect. Klee and Konrac's planet is primitive; their ship was powered by magic, not technology. The Ghola heads toward the Enterprise, Spock says it is alive and intelligent.

   They come up with a plan to project mental energy into space with ships sensors. Idea is to use a whole composite burst of all the millions of minds of Klee's people conjured by magic. The two mention that their people originated eons ago from Earth. They loose the onslaught, but the Ghola does a slowdown in its approach. Then Spock steps up and sends the mind energy of millions of Vulcans. The Ghola tries to flee, but is paralyzed. Spock experienced the Ghola's mental center and its mind emanations are put on speakers, it sounds like a baby crying. The Ghola is searching for the "star sun" from which it came. They tow it to the star sun and release it. They learn that Klee's ancestors had fled Earth's sinking continent of Atlantis in spaceships.

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  • This story was sometimes accompanied by a 20 Page Read-Along Comic Book.
  • This story appeared in seven different packaging variations, the most of any of the eleven stories.
  • This story featured a narrator.

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