Writer: Alan Dean Foster
Running Time: 11:54
Stardate: 5444.9
Date of Release: 1975


   While the Enterprise is on a charting run through the relatively uninteresting Moran sector, semi-musical sounds start appearing throughout the ship, waxing and waning, varying in frequency. The tones seem to be moving throughout the ship. Also, subspace communications are jammed by its effect. After three days, people are losing sleep and Spock hypothesizes that they are being visited by a being of pure sound.

   The senior staff decide that they need to contact the being after a particularly loud and high-pitched tone pierces the air and cracks several console panels on the bridge. Navigation officer Connors brings a musical instrument to the bridge called an Edoan Elisiar. It has a triple keyboard which operates an echo chamber, and it has resonating bars made of bone and a component resembling a xylophone twisted into a Moebius strip. When Connors begins playing it, the sound being responds. After a few promising exchanges with the being, the ship is shaken by a bone-rattling squawk. When Connors plays sad music the sound creature responds in kind, and then as if it understood that its presence was causing sadness, the creature went away.

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  • This story was sometimes accompanied by a 20 Page Read-Along Comic Book.
  • The read-along comic incorrectly depicted Uhura as a blond Caucasian, and it had Sulu as a black man in a blue sciences uniform. Uhura is supposed to be a black woman and Sulu is of oriental descent and wears a yellow command uniform.
  • This story did not have a narrator.
  • The Edoan Elisiar, the musical instrument mentioned in this story, was obviously made by a three-armed species. This was a tie-in with the Animated STAR TREK series because Lieutenant Arex who was first introduced in that series, had three arms and three legs and was believed by fandom to have been an Edoan.

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