Writer: Unknown
Running Time: 13:56
Stardate: 96.024
Date of Release: 1979


   The Enterprise is on mission to bring the ambassador from Garus back to the Gar system. The Garusians are child sized and have innocent faces. Ambassador Gardus asks to see the Enterprise's computer system, and Kirk assigns Uhura to escort him there. Later, after the ship enters orbit, alarms sound as a shuttlecraft is reported missing along with the Garusian ambassadors and Uhura.

   Kirk, Spock, Chekov and Sulu beam down to search for Uhura. They arrive in the capital city of Gartin and meet Garmin, the president. They walk along the famous mile-long hall of worship. While talking with Garmin, Kirk notices a slip made by the president, a slip which reveals that he knew of Uhura's abduction. Kirk demands to have her returned. President Garmin announces that it is too late, and that Uhura is "with the Master now." When Kirk tries to summon a security team, the president orders the inhabitants to subdue the starfleet men. Sulu and Chekov are knocked out, but Kirk and Spock escape into the hall. Spock spies a huge door and they go through it after picking the elaborate lock.

   The room is huge and filled with sophisticated computers and monitoring devices. On one of the monitor screens, Kirk and Spock see Uhura, Chekov and Sulu being given to the master by ambassador Gardus who is dressed in religious robes. Kirk and Spock come to their rescue and they then learn that Garusians worship a huge computer as their god. Their religion forbids them touching the great master, so they must train non-believers to work the controls of the giant deity. They also couldn't ask for help because their religion forbade speaking of their deity to non Garusians. Once their people have been recovered, Kirk promises to have Starfleet send computer experts to help the Garusians.

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Record 15

Record 19

Record 22


  • This was the last story produced.
  • No read-a-long comic book was ever produced to accompany this story.
  • This story makes reference to Dinosaurs, Romulans, and Meteors which were the three stories produced just before this one.
  • The alien race in this story was referred to as Garisians and also as Garusians.
  • This story incorrectly gives Sulu's rank as Ensign, instead of Lieutenant.
  • This story again features the character of security officer Frank Tanka.

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   Captain Kirk
   Mr. Spock
   Engineer Scott
   Helmsman Sulu
   Lieutenant Uhura
   Ensign Chekov
   Security Officer Tanka
   Ambassador Gartus
   President Garmun