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   In 1975, Peter Pan Industries, long-time maker of records for children since the late 1940's, produced eight STAR TREK Story Records which included 7 different stories. These took the form of packages which included a phonograph record (either a 7 inch 45 rpm, a 12 inch 33-1/3 LP or a 7 inch 33-1/3 mini LP) and often a read along comic book typically 20 pages long. These were produced under the Power Records label, Power Records being a division of Peter Pan Industries. With the successful sales of these first offerings, Peter Pan Ind. would eventually produce four more stories, for a total of eleven.

   These were not just kid stories, even though they were aimed at children. No, these audio records contained real action tales penned by veteran comic book writers Neal Adams and Cary Bates, and several were written by well known Trek scribe Alan Dean Foster who would go on to provide the story for STAR TREK: The Motion Picture.    In 1979, with the release of the first STAR TREK movie, merchandising of STAR TREK took off like a rocket. Everyone, it seemed, was licensing STAR TREK for their various products. Peter Pan Industries decided to produce four new stories and re-release the first seven stories in several form factors with records containing one, two, three and four stories per package. With all the packaging variants produced, the eleven stories ultimately appeared in 23 different record packages. The 1980's audio adaptations of the first four STAR TREK feature films were marketed, but these were produced by Buena Vista Records.

   This site is a guide to the eleven original STAR TREK vinyl record stories. This site was created for those who fondly recall these records from their childhood, and for those who have heard about the vinyl story records of the 70's but never heard them, and even for those people who were not aware that there ever were STAR TREK story records. In fact, with the rise of the Compact Disc format in the late 1980's, many visitors to this site may never have seen a phonograph and the large flat black vinyl discs that were once used to store audio data in analog format. Be that as it may, all are welcome to browse this guide to that tiny, oft-forgotten piece of the STAR TREK Universe, the STAR TREK Story Records.

   Curt Danhauser
   April 26, 2002



  A page which lists the eleven stories in approximate chronological order of release, giving a brief sketch of what the story was about. The story titles link to dedicated story pages which give a full synopsis and particulars such as writer, production date, running time, and other details.

   A page which lists the 23 record packages. For each record is given a cover image, production year, record type, package contents. Also given for each record is a list of the titles of the stories included in the package which link to the individual story page within this site. Price information is also given.

  This page contains behind-the-scenes information about the STAR TREK Story Records and this web site, including Interesting Notes, Current Prices and information about Peter Pan Industries and about web creator Curt Danhauser and also details about how this site was made.

  A place for visitors to this site to leave their thoughts and view comments left by other visitors. Unfortunately, I am no longer accepting submittals to the Guest Book due to the amount of Spam submittals.

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STAR TREK is a Registered Trademark of Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved. The STAR TREK story records were produced by Peter Pan Records, and Power Records a Division of Peter Pan Industries.

None of the STAR TREK Story Records are currently being produced, but they can almost always be found via online auction houses such as eBay. The button below links to the results page of an eBay search for STAR TREK Records.