Animated STAR TREK - Scouter Gig

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Scouter Gig. An open-topped Federation vehicle carried aboard starships and used for reconnaissance missions on planets with watery surfaces. The scouter-gig was a powered boat which could be used to deploy underwater divers and carry out small area visual searches. In 2269, on stardate 5499.9, the U.S.S. Enterprise deployed a scouter-gig (Registry number NCC-1701/R6) to the planet Argo. Lieutenant Commander Scott led a team that used the craft to search for Captain Kirk and Commander Spock after they went missing following the destruction of the Enterprise's Aquashuttle by an Argo sur-snake. ("The Ambergris Element").

It was not clear how the scouter-gig was deployed from the Enterprise, since it clearly couldn't travel through space with passengers. It was only 20 feet long, so it may have simply been transported down via a cargo transporter.

Parorama with Scouter-Gig