Animated STAR TREK - Bridge

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Main Bridge

1 - Very wide Panoramic View of the Bridge
2 - Panoramic View of the Bridge

Located on Deck One of most Federation starship designs, the bridge is the nerve center of the vessel, where the ship's captain presides over the entire ship's functioning. Located in front of the bridge is a large computer controlled display viewscreen. Several stations are located around the usually circular bridge. On Constitution-class starships these stations are as depicted in the bridge layout diagram seen below. In the center of the bridge, located just forward of the captain's command chair is the Navigation and Helm console. Access to the bridge is by turbolift elevator and in 2269 the U.S.S. Enterprise underwent a minor refit during which it was outfitted with a second bridge exit located just to the left of the main viewscreen. High above the bridge is mounted the hemispherical Automatic Bridge Defense system seen in "Beyond the Farthest Star".

Compare with the Original Series Bridge Layout