A wave of excitement swept through the ranks of STAR TREK fans as soon as audiences saw the opening sequence of STAR TREK VI: The Undiscovered Country which featured Captain Hikaru Sulu in command of the U.S.S. Excelsior. They realized that even though no more movies would be made featuring the classic crew aboard the Enterprise, there could be a TV series or string of made-for-TV movies about Captain Sulu and his adventures aboard the Excelsior. After STAR TREK VI came out at the end of 1991, authors began to work on a number of Captain Sulu stories. These Sulu adventures took the form of novels, audio-novels and graphic novels. These publications fed the flames for more Sulu adventures and even more TREK fans joined the growing movement that clamored for a Captain Sulu television project. This Sulu fervor culminated in the production of a Captain Sulu episode of STAR TREK: Voyager. Which aired on September 11, 1996.
   News that STAR TREK: Voyager was leaving the air after its seventh season ends in Spring 2001 has galvanized fans of classic STAR TREK to the task of convincing Paramount Pictures, owner of the STAR TREK franchise, to choose a Captain Sulu series as the next member of the Trek family. Most recently, the fan organization International Federation of Trekkers (IFT) has joined the cause and is encouraging fans to show their support for a Sulu series by writing letters to Paramount. The IFT has also organized media events and has enlisted the aid of some heavy hitters including Bjo Trimble (organizer of the 1968 letter-writing campaign that led to a third season of the original series), Susan Sackett (STAR TREK: The Next Generation sciptwriter and long-time personal assistant to Gene Roddenberry), Grace Lee Whitney (STAR TREK's Commander Janice Rand), Nichelle Nichols (STAR TREK's Commander Uhura) and Captain Hikaru Sulu himself, actor George Takei.
   I am among those who hope that in the future there could be a Captain Sulu TV project and I would like for this site to be one of the first chroniclers of his adventures.

Enjoy ... Curt Danhauser

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