Janice Rand. (Grace Lee Whitney). Starfleet officer who served aboard the original U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk. Janice Rand was born in 2232, and while still a young girl, she decided that she wanted to serve in Starfleet. She intended to go to the Academy when she was 18, but she could not wait - so Janice entered the Star Service as a crewmember in 2249.

   For the next several years, Janice Rand served on various merchant vessels, and eventually starships, earning herself quite an exemplary performance record. In 2266 while looking though applicants for the position of captain's yeoman, Enterprise captain James Kirk noticed a transfer request for a "J. Rand." The record was excellent and Kirk decided that he had found his new yeoman. He was quite surprised when SHE arrived for duty, since he had expected a male yeoman. She served as the best yeoman Captain Kirk ever had, or would have again. As a qualified bridge crewmember, Rand was crossed-trained in various positions and she took the helm on occasion. Rand was a consummate professional, giving 110% to her duties while never sacrificing her femininity. Janice's hobbies included drawing and painting. She was among the most popular members of the Enterprise's crew, second only to Lieutenant Uhura, who was her good friend.

    Janice Rand was attracted to Kirk but for purely physical reasons. She worked closely with Kirk and she slowly learned what a noble and true person he was, and she was taken by his obvious concern for the well being of his crew. Kirk could not requite her feelings due to the position that he held, but he was, nevertheless, attracted stongly towards her which became obvious when he was under pressure. He would often look at her and tell her with his eyes that perhaps in another life they might have had a life together. Not wishing to complicate Kirk's already demanding life any further, Janice Rand transferred from the Enterprise in early 2267, departing the ship at Starbase 11.

   Rand continued her Starfleet training and became a transporter chief, and she returned to the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2270 while it was still undergoing a refit in spacedock. Rand stayed aboard the ship when later that year it embarked on its second five-year mission of exploration.

    After the ship returned to earth in 2276, Rand entered a special program at the Starfleet Academy, emerging two years later as an ensign. Ensign Rand then took a number of assignments at various starbases. In 2285 Rand was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to duty at Starfleet Command on Earth. For the next few years Rand worked alternately at Headquarters in San Francisco and in the various spacedocks orbiting Earth. She was working in HQ during the time when the alien probe menaced Earth in 2286. (Note: Inexplicably, in STAR TREK IV, Rand was seen wearing what appeared to be a cadet's uniform. Interviews with the actress at the time of the movie's release suggest that Rand had been promoted to the rank of chief petty officer. This is not consistant with her being an officer one year earlier in STAR TREK III, nor her being a Lieutenant Commander in 2290 as seen in STAR TREK VI). During the crisis, Rand was instrumental in coordinating Earth rescue efforts all over the planet through ingenuity and resourcefulness that only comes from more than 30 years of fleet experience. For her efforts, Rand received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. While in San Francisco, Rand kept in touch with all members of the original Enterprise crew, and she helped Hikaru Sulu on a number of occasions when the upbringing of his daughter, Demora, required a woman's touch.

   In 2290 when Sulu became a captain and was put in command of the U.S.S. Excelsior, he personally requested for Lieutenant Commander Janice Rand to be assigned as the ship's Communications/Operations Officer and third in command. The ship then embarked on a three-year mission to the Beta Quadrant. Their mission was to have been merely the charting of gaseous anomalies, but the three years proved to be anything but routine. As operations officer, Rand was in charge of the ship's watch rotation.

   As the Excelsior returned from Beta Quadrant exploration in 2293, first-year cadets arrived aboard for their midshipmen cruise. As a seasoned Starfleet officer with more than 40 years experience, Rand was the perfect choice to spearhead the training program of the three dozen cadets that came aboard. Rand was aboard the Excelsior when Sulu violated orders in order to rescue Kirk and McCoy who were to be tried for murder on the Klingon Homeworld. Rand understood his motives and agreed with his decision. She went so far as to chide Ensign Tuvok on the bridge for his questioning of Captain Sulu in the matter. Captain Sulu and the Excelsior crew later played a key role in the Khitomer Peace Conference of 2293 by assisting the U.S.S. Enterprise-A in its battle with General Chang's prototype Bird-of-Prey and by preventing the assassination of Klingon Chancellor Azetbur.

Janice Rand: 2264 - 2293

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