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"The Pirates of Orion"

Episode 17

Written by: Howard Weinstein

Directed by: Hal Sutherland

Airdate: Sept. 7, 1974

Stardate: 6334.1

Spock contracts a disease that is fatal to Vulcans, and Orion pirates make it difficult for the Enterprise to rendezvous with the S.S. Huron, a freighter that is carrying the only known antidote.

Voice Credits:

Regular Characters:
Captain Kirk William Shatner
Mr. Spock Leonard Nimoy
Dr. McCoy DeForest Kelley
Scotty James Doohan
Lieutenent Sulu George Takei
Lieutenent Arex James Doohan

Guest Characters:
Transporter Chief James Doohan
Captain O'Shea James Doohan
Huron first officer Majel Barrett
Huron helmsman George Takei
Orion Commander James Doohan
Orion Lieutenant George Takei
Orion Ensign James Doohan



  • The starship U.S.S. Potempkin was mentioned in this episode. The U.S.S. Potempkin was first seen in the original series episode "The Ultimate Computer" and was a Constitution-class starship like the Enterprise.
  • Orions played an important part in this episode. Orions were first seen in the unaired first pilot for the original STAR TREK series "The Cage." They were also seen in "Journey to Babel", "Whom Gods Destroy", "The Menagerie, Parts I and II" and in the animated tale "The Time Trap".
  • This episode's writer, Howard Weinstein, scripted some STAR TREK comic stories in the 1990's that are regarded as some of the best STAR TREK stories produced by DC comics. These stories included "Tests of Courage" (1994) - a Captain Sulu story, and "Revisitations" (1995) which featured the return of Harry Mudd and Gary Seven.
  • This episode was the first episode of the animated STAR TREK's second season.
  • George Takei did the voices of no less than three characters in this episode.
  • There is a page in this site devoted to the S.S. Huron that featured prominently in this episode.
  • This episode featured the first appearance of an Orion ship design, and of Orion males.
  • Interestingly, in this episode, Kirk and crew mispronounced the word "Orion" as "ore-EE-on", whereas in the original series episode "Journey to Babel" they correctly pronounced it as "oh-RYE-un." Obviously the animated scripts needed a pronunciation page as are typically used on all of today's STAR TREK scripts.
  • There is a page in this site that focuses on the Orion Pirate Vessel seen in this episode.
  • A VHS video tape containing "The Pirates of Orion" and "The Practical Joker" is available for purchase from, the online bookseller.
  • "The Pirates of Orion" was novelized by Alan Dean Foster in Star Trek Log Five published by Ballantine Books in August 1975. Also novelized in the book was "The Ambergris Element" and w"The Jihad".


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