In the summer of 1997, Pocket Books published Peter David's New Frontier series of STAR TREK adventures in the form of four novels. The books feature a new crew aboard a new ship and with a unique mission. This fresh and revolutionary concept was the brainchild of John J. Ordover, Senior Editor at Pocket Books, and veteran STAR TREK author Peter David. In the book series, Mr. David used some well-defined characters that he originally created for the three Starfleet Academy books which he penned in late 1993. The several books comprising Mr. David's New Frontier are listed below along with cover images, brief synopses and links to dedicated book pages within this site. The individual book pages contain very detailed synopses. As new New Frontier books are published they will be added to this page. Also included with each book listed below is a link to within, the online bookstore, so that one may purchase the books. This site is best used as a companion to and not a replacement of the fine book series. I whole heartedly encourage everyone to buy and read the New Frontier books.

   After the first four New Frontier books were enormously well received, plans for follow-on novels were quickly solidified. Three full-length New Frontier books were published in 1998. Book Five came out in February, and Book Six hit the streets in April. September 1998 saw the publication of a Captain Calhoun tale told in book five of the imaginative Captain's Table book series. The books shown below link to individual pages that go into greater detail about each novel.

   In 1999, three more New Frontier books were published. The first was in the Double Helix series created by John Ordover and Michael Jan Friedman. Double Helix#5 "Double Or Nothing" (which is actually STAR TREK: The Next Generation #55) was published in August. November 1999 saw the publication of New Frontier Book Seven: The Quiet Place and Book Eight: Dark Allies.

   In the year 2000, a STAR TREK: New Frontier trilogy by Peter David was published. STAR TREK: New Frontier #9 - Excalibur: Requiem and STAR TREK: New Frontier #10 - Excalibur: Renaissance came out in September 2000. A month later the trilogy was complete with the October release of Book 11, the hardback STAR TREK: New Frontier - Excalibur: Restoration.

   In 2001, two STAR TREK: New Frontier novels will be published, both in October. The first will be Book Six of Seven of the Gateways book series: STAR TREK: Cold Wars and the second will be STAR TREK: New Frontier #12 - Being Human.

   Released in September 2000 from WildStorm Comics, an imprint of DC Comics, was STAR TREK: New Frontier - Double Time, the first-ever comic book connected to the New Frontier book series. This is a Prestige Format, one-shot written by Peter David, illustrated by Michael Collins and David Roach with a spectacular painted cover by Brian Stelfreeze. The story fills in an 18-month gap between New Frontier books "Dark Allies" and "Double Helix, Book Five."

   In 1993 Minstrel Books, an imprint of Pocket Books, launched a series of books aimed at young adults called STAR TREK: The Next Generation - Starfleet Academy. The first three books in this series were written by Peter David and formed something of a trilogy. They were very well written and dealt with Worf's experiences while in his first year at Starfleet Academy on Earth in 2357. Even though they were intended for younger readers, they were engaging and could be enjoyed by all ages. In these first three books author Peter David introduces several interesting characters who are fellow cadets at the Academy with Worf. These were Zak Kebron the Brikar, the Vulcan Soleta and the astronavigator extrordinaire Mark McHenry. These books are included in this site because in the New Frontier books these three characters are reunited on the senior staff of the U.S.S. Excalibur sixteen years later. In fact some events that were chronicled in the Starfleet Academy books were mentioned in the New Frontier series. The three book covers below are linked to pages that deal with each of these delightful books in greater detail.

   Due to the record sales of New Frontier Books One through Four, a special hardback edition was published in February 1998. The hardback was the same size as a paperback and reprinted all four books. In addition, the book contained a 5-5/8" x 11-3/8" fold-out mini-poster featuring the painting of the Excalibur crew by Dru Blair that was used as the covers of Book Five and Six. In the back of the book is a so-called minipedia that features some 45 entries of persons, places and things mentioned in Books One through Four and some for the later books. The cover of the hardback is shown below and it is a link to the corresponding page within

STAR TREK is a Registered Trademark of Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved. The STAR TREK: New Frontier books are published by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Shuster Inc., under exclusive license from Paramount Pictures. New Frontier concept by John J. Ordover and Peter David.