STAR TREK: New Frontier - Book Three: The Two-Front War

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"The Two-Front War"

written by Peter David.
Published in July 1997 by Pocket Books.
ISBN: 0-671-01397-1, 152 pages
cover by Keith Birdsong

The Nelkarite ship that fired on the Excalibur at the end of Book Two was commanded by Laheera. She explains that she fired on them because she thought they had been plundering the Cambon and that she was coming to the freighter's assistance. Laheera offers the 47 Thallonian refugees sanctuary on her home planet, and offers to take them there. Calhoun says that he'll take them to Nelkar.

The Marquand reaches the Kayven Ryin. Zak and Si Cwan talk to the Thallonian ship. Zak is suspicious and tried to determine whether Si Cwan's lost sister Kallinda was actually aboard the Kayven Ryin. The Marquand starts to move out of weapons range. Zoran, Si Cwan's sworn enemy, is aboard the Kayven Ryin and he orders the crew to open fire on the Marquand. The runabout is destroyed, but Zak and Si Cwan manage to secretly beam aboard the Kayven Ryin.

Meanwhile on the Excalibur, Burgoyne spots Selar in the ship's lounge and s/he talks with her. Burgoyne orders scotch and tells Selar about how he was introduced to the beverage by Captain Montgomery Scott. Burgoyne mentions that he detects pheremones coming from her. Selar is indignant and storms out. The Excalibur reaches Nelkar and the refugees are beamed down.

Selar turns to Soleta, the only other Vulcan aboard the Excalibur, to help her determine what was happening to her. Soleta tells Selar that she is half Romulan. We learn that Soleta was posted as a junior science officer aboard the U.S.S. Aldrin. In 2362 the crew of the Aldrin captured a notorious Romulan criminal who had built up quite a reputation and had a very impressive smuggling operation set up. Soleta had heard about Romulans, but had never met one, so she went to the Brig where he was being held. While trying to shock the young Vulcan officer, the Romulan man told her the particularly distasteful tale of how he brutaly abused and forced himself upon a Vulcan woman some years ago on a Vulcan science colony. The details of the incident made it clear to Soleta that this man was her biological father. He had no idea that he was talking to his daughter. She later visited her parents on Vulcan who confirmed the awful truth that she suspected. Selar and Soleta mind melded and Soleta confirms that Selar has, in fact, entered pon farr.

Aboard the Kayven Ryin, Zak Kebron and Si Cwan fight through guards and reach Zoran. Si Cwan and Zoran fight. Zoran retreats via an escape pod and leaves a thermite bomb behind. Zak and Si Cwan rush to the end of the ship furthest away from the bomb. The bomb explodes.

On Nelkar, the away team returns to the ship, leaving the Thallonian refugees behind. Laheera asks Calhoun for Federation technology. Calhoun refuses. Laheera threatens to kill the 47 hostages and to show that she means business she slits Hufmin's throat before the bridge crew's horrified eyes.

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