STAR TREK: New Frontier - Book 2: Into the Void

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"Into the Void"

written by Peter David.
Published in July 1997 by Pocket Books.
ISBN: 0-671-01396-3, 151 pages
cover by Keith Birdsong

While the Excalibur is still in drydock, Calhoun records his log, describing most of the command staff. We are introduced to Dr. Selar, Burgoyne 172 the ship's chief engineer, Ops Officer Lieutenant Robin Lefler, Navigator and Conn Officer Mark McHenry and Security Chief/Tactical Officer Zak Kebron. Commander Shelby, who had been promised the captaincy of the Excalibur by Starfleet Command, felt slighted. She met with Admiral Jellico and he suggested she take the Executive Officer post aboard the Excalibur. Back on earth, Si Cwan compels Soleta to help him stow away aboard the Excalibur. She reluctantly agrees.

Shelby ventures to the Excalibur to talk to Calhoun, who she used to have a very serious relationship with. Aboard the ship she met Zak Kebron and Mark McHenry. After some heated discussion with Calhoun, she was given the job as Excalibur's First Officer. Back on Xenex, Calhoun's homeworld, we then learn of Dn'dai's collusion with the Danterians. The Excalibur is launched from drydock and shortly thereafter Si Cwan is discovered. The command staff meets and decide to let him stay aboard. The ship heads to Thallon and on the way picks up the distress call of the Cambon a transport ship ferrying Thallonian refugees out of the area. The ship's captain Hufmin, had taken a short cut through a hot zone and his vessel was fired upon and crippled.

The bridge crew decide to test McHenry who appears to be sleeping at the helm. Burgoyne 172 meets Selar and the engineer is immediately attracted to the doctor. The ship changes course and renders aid to the Cambon. The ship receives a message from an ailing Science ship the Kayven Ryin which lists among its passengers Si Cwan's lost younger sister, Kallinda. Si Cwan pleads to be allowed to go to investigate. Calhoun, after some consideration, decided to send the runabout Marquand, with Si Cwan and Zak Kebron aboard, to investigate. Soon after the runabout leaves, as the Excalibur is assisting the Cambon, a Nelkarite ship appears and opens fire on the Federation vessel.

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