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Illustration of Male Duty Uniforms
Illustration of Female Duty Uniforms
Illustration of Male Dress Uniform

Starfleet Uniforms. The uniforms worn by the Starfleet personnel seen in the animated STAR TREK series were essentially the same as in the Original series. However, only three different uniforms were seen in the animated series. These are shown above.

The Male Duty Uniform was seen in all three Departmental colors (Command yellow, Sciences/Medical blue and Engineering/Security red). Black pants and black boots were worn with these uniform shirts.

The Female Duty Uniform was seen in red, blue and yellow, and was worn with black boots. Command section (yellow) female personnel were rare even on the original series, and were only seen in one scene in one episode of the animated STAR TREK series. The collar on the female uniform dress was sometimes the department color. For example, Nurse Chapel's uniform was blue with a blue collar, while Lieutenant Uhura had a red uniform that sported a black collar. Lieutenant M'Ress's uniform collar was red in some episodes and black in others.

The Male Dress Uniform shown above was only seen on one character in one episode of the animated STAR TREK series. It was worn by Commodore Robert April in "The Counter-Clock Incident". This dress uniform is the same as was seen on Captain James Kirk in the original series episodes "The Menagerie, Parts I and II", "Journey to Babel", "Court Martial" and "The Savage Curtain."

Illustration of U.S.S. Enterprise Insignia
Illustration of S.S. Huron Insignia
Illustration of S.S. Ariel Insignia

Starship Uniform Insignia. Starfleet personnel assigned to starship duty in the 2250's and 2260's wore a Starship-specific insignia over the left breast of most uniforms. These insignia were embroidered patchs of a gold reflective material and edged in black. Several different starship insignia were seen in the original STAR TREK series and two new insignia designs were shown in the animated series. Above are shown the starship uniform insignia worn by Starfleet personnel assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise, S.S. Huron, and S.S. Ariel. The Enterprise insignia is the same as seen on the original series. Note that the Huron and Ariel insignia are very similar to the Enterprise's stylized arrowhead design.

Illustration of Departmental Insignia Symbols

Starfleet Departmental Insignia Symbols. Within the various designs of starship insignia is a symbol that identifies the department to which the particular Starfleet member is assigned. The three symbols seen in the animated STAR TREK series are shown above. A forth insignia, that of Starfleet Nurses, was seen in the original series but was not seen in the animated series. The Nurse symbol was a red cross. The various department symbols were always worn on uniforms with a matching departmental color. For instance Command insignia were seen only on yellow uniforms, sciences/medical on blue uniforms, and engineering/security on red uniforms.

Illustration of Kzinti Insignia

Kzinti Uniform Insignia. In the episode "The Slaver Weapon", the members of the crew of the Kzinti ship The Traitor's Claw wore white uniform/spacesuits. On the left breast they displayed the symbol shown above. No meaning was ever offered as to what the symbol represented or to what organization it referred.


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