Animated STAR TREK - Ancient Pod Ship Turn Graphics ON!


Profile of the vehicle (8 KB)

Ancient Pod ship. Ancient ship design composed of fifteen pods linked by curved connective struts. The ship was over 9700 feet long and was composed of a metallic material that had been spun not cast or forged. About 300 million years ago a pod ship of this design encountered a malevolent magnetic entity in the vicinity of Questar M-17. The ship's crew of insectoid beings chose to destroy their ship rather than allow it to be the unwilling chariot to such an evil being. They accomplished this destruction by causing each of the ship's pods to be burst from within - exposing every compartment to the vacuum of space. On stardate 5521.3 the U.S.S. Enterprise encountered this pod ship near Questar M-17. (ww"Beyond the Farthest Star").



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