The classic STAR TREK novels were only seventeen 
in number, but a wealth of past history was revealed in those few adventures.
Listed below are all the references to specific dates mentioned in the classic STAR TREK
novels. Also included are a few key historical points that are related to the other events, 
such as the birth years of certain characters.

  The format used in this timeline is essentially similar to the one employed in Mike and Denise Okuda's STAR TREK Chronology. The timeline was written in the past tense as if the writer were living in the STAR TREK universe a few years after the current adventures. Text in italics are comments made by the writer in our universe, the one in which STAR TREK was a television show.

9 Billion years ago
The Nagha, an immense super computer, is constructed by an unknown organic race. Millions of years later it will evolve into a thinking intelligence, enslave its own creators, and exterminate them.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - The Sleeping God."

2-4 Billion years ago
Ay-nab, the "god" of Lyra, instructs its people to create a Dyson sphere world.

   "The Starless World."

10,000 years ago
Half the galaxy is occupied by the Danons (who may have visited Earth and started the Devil legend). Near the center of the galaxy, they encounter the slug-like Torgas and war breaks out which will last thousands of years. The Danons will eventually be driven back to their homeworld where they will construct their Great Machine as a last line of defense against outside attack, and will worship it.

   "Devil World."

c.7950 B.C.
The Senate hall on the Klingon homeworld is built.

   "Spock Must Die!."

750 B.C.
The Chatalia home star supernovas. Prior to the disaster, an interstellar ramjet vessel is launched.

   "World Without End."

c.400 B.C.
Centuries before the Chatalia home star supernovas, an interstellar ramjet vessel is launched.

   "World Without End."

459 A.D.
The Tullvans of Zeta Geminorum die out.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - The Patient Parasites." 1809 years before the story.

1267 A.D.
The telepathic and belligerent Irapina, an association of races in the Sagittarius Arm, start out towards Federation space. They intend to conquer or destroy everything in their path.

   "Planet of Judgment." 1000 years before.

An unexplained phenomenon melts the polar ice cap of the planet Vestalan.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - Snake Pit." 1000 years before the story.

The inhabitants of an unnamed planet construct sleeper units for unlimited pleasure and escape.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - Marginal Existence." 600 years before the story.

Captain Kirk, having been subjected to the Klingon mind-sifter in 2267 and transported through the Guardian of Forever, is temporarily institutionalized on Earth.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages - Mind-Sifter."

A multi-parallel space-time inversion briefly transposes William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForest Kelley from Desilu Studios in California with Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, and Dr. McCoy on the Enterpise in the 23rd Century.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages - Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited." This was after "The Enterpise Incident" episode was filmed.

Admiral George La Forge commissions the light cruiser U.S.S. Detroit. He will have a long line of descendants in Starfleet.

   "The Galactic Whirlpool." 270 years before.

The five interstellar ships are launched from orbit around the outer planets. These include the "Forty Families" generation ship which is the first Earth interstellar ship to use a Bussard ramjet for propulsion (not counting two robot probes). The "Forty Families" will be lost. Two more ramjet generation ships will be launched. One ship, the Marilee, commanded by Captain Wayne Perry, will colonize Perry's Planet. One such vessel, carrying colonists from Earth's Asian continent, may colonize Pai and form the Dragon Empire. Another generation ship, the Alamo will probably be launched during this era.

   "World Without End", "Perry's Planet."

The Wanderer, the first L5 Earth structure, is built. Essentially a sublight generation ship with fusion drive.

   "The Galactic Whirlpool." Twenty years before the ship declares its independence.

April 4th. The Phoenix, Earth's first warp-driven spacecraft, is launched by Zefram Cochrane. His flight attracts the attention of the Vulcans who make first contact with him in Montana the next day.

   The STAR TREK Chronology

An engine malfunction allows an early warp freighter to come across the Horatius star system. The ship discovers three Class-M planets in the system that are suitable for colonization.

   "Mission to Horatius." This took place in the early days of space travel, and the ship had warp drive. This places it after 2063.

The Wanderer, the first L5 Earth structure, declares independence from Earth.

   "The Galactic Whirlpool." Ten years before beginning a journey through the Earth's solar system.

The Wanderer begins a 30-year journey through the Earth's solar system.

   "The Galactic Whirlpool." Thirty years before departing the solar system.

Naja is born on Dalzell.

   "Death's Angel." 157 years before.

L5 finishes three complete laps from inner to outer solar system. The wanderers use fusion drive to leave the Sol system. Several years later, contact will be lost and the vessel assumed to be destroyed.

   "The Galactic Whirlpool." 185 years before 2268.

The explorer ship Marco Polo encounters the Galactic Maelstrom, henceforth known as "Polo's Bolos," twin black holes in motion.

   "The Galactic Whirlpool." 150 years ago before 2268.

The first group of human colonists settle on a planet in the Horatian system (NGC-434) on the frontiers of the explored galaxy. The group wish to avoid contact with the Federation and further wish to return to nature and abandon high tech civilization. They name their planet Neolithia.

   "Mission to Horatius." Some years before Bavarya is settled.

A group of human colonists who wish to avoid contact with the Federation settle on a planet in the Horatian system on the frontiers of the explored galaxy. They wish to worship their religion in private and without interference. The group name their planet Mythra.

   "Mission to Horatius." Some years after Neolithia is settled.

The last Danon is born on Heartland (NC513-II).

   "Devil World."

The United Federation of Planets is incorporated.

   The STAR TREK Chronology

Singa is born. He will be an orphan by the age of six.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - The Sleeping God." Twenty-one years before 2183.

As a young boy, Singa stows away aboard a ship bound for Raga's Planet.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - The Sleeping God." One hundred years before the story.

A group of human colonists who wish to avoid contact with the Federation settle on a planet in the Horatian system on the frontiers of the explored galaxy. They name their planet Bavarya.

   "Mission to Horatius." Ninety years before the book.

Singa, the Sleeping God, offers his services to the Federation.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - The Sleeping God." Eighty-five years before the story.

Chag Gara is born in Tara on Kyros.

   "Spock, Messiah!" Forty-three years before.

Heartland (UFC 513) is discovered by the Klingon Empire.

   "Devil World."

Montgomery Scott, future Chief engineer of the Constitution-class U.S.S. Enterprise, is born.

   The STAR TREK Chronology

Sharon Follett is born.

   "Planet of Judgment." Forty-one years before the story.

The Irapina fleet makes telepathic contact with the Arivne.

   "Planet of Judgment." Forty years before the novel.

While at the Academy, James Atheling cheats on a Differential Equations final exam. The memory will haunt him for years.

   "Planet of Judgment." Forty years before the novel.

Leonard McCoy born.

   The STAR TREK Chronology

Stardate 2547.31. The Federation colonization attempt of Heartland (UFC 513) is aborted.

   "Devil World."

Spock born on Vulcan.

   The STAR TREK Chronology

Elizabeth Shaeffer is born.

   "Death's Angel." Thirty-five years before the novel.

Katalya Tremain is born.

   "Vulcan!" Thirty-five years before the novel.

James Kirk born in Iowa on Earth.

   The STAR TREK Chronology

Hikaru Sulu is born in San Francisco on Earth.

   The STAR TREK Chronology

Uhura is born in the United States of Africa. Her father is Alhamisi and her mother is M'Umbha.

   The STAR TREK Chronology and "The Starless World"

Kevin Riley born.

   "The Conscience of the King" (TOS)

Spock visits his mother's family in Minneapolis/St. Paul/Hennepin on Earth in the winter.

   "Planet of Judgment." He was ten years old.

Elizabeth Shaeffer enters Starfleet Academy and becomes a member of the Special Security Division.

   "Death's Angel." Twenty years before.

Martin Larousse studies Klingon for one semester.

   "World Without End."

Montgomery Scott at 25, temporarily serves as a senior engineer at the San Francisco Ship Yards, overseeing the constuction of the Enterprise and three of her sister ships.

   "The Galactic Whirlpool."

The Constitution-class U.S.S. Enterprise is launched under the command of Captain Robert April.

   The STAR TREK Chronology

Pavel Andreievich Chekov is born.

   The STAR TREK Chronology

The Federation starship U.S.S. Rickover is lost while on an exploratory mission near the galactic core.

   "The Starless World." More than twenty years before the story.

Albert Schang is born.

   "Devil World."

Metika Spyroukis is born.

   "Trek to Madworld." Twenty years before the story.

Leonard McCoy is beamed via transporter for the first time.

   "Spock Must Die." Twenty years before the story.

The Navigational Hazard Classification Authority is established by Starfleet to provide information to all interstellar vessels, both military and civilian, regarding potentially hazardous spots along known routes.

   "Trek to Madworld." Less than twenty years before the story.

James Kirk enters the Starfleet Academy as a midshipman. Thomas Clayton will be Kirk's roommate for the first two years.

   "The Starless World" and The Star Trek

At the Starfleet Academy Lunar Station, Cadet Kirk successfully passes the bug-spot-event test in the Gernsback crater.

   "The Galactic Whirlpool."

March 25th. Honey McCoy walks out of Dr. Leonard McCoy's life, taking their daughter Joanna with her. The next day, he heads for the Jackson Mall to apply for Starfleet duty after reading a "Space For A Few" advertisement.

   "Planet of Judgment." In this book, McCoy was a doctor before entering Starfleet.

Lieutenant James Kirk serves under Wilhelm Schang aboard the U.S.S. Tresher.

   "Devil World."

In Paris, Uhura last sees her father for the last time before he disappears in 2259.

   "The Starless World." She was seventeen years old.

Christine Chapel serves as Dr. Roger Korby's assistant on Vestalan, analyzing and improvising on the Hualans' long dead and lost civilizations.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - Snake Pit."

Alhamisi Uhura, father of the future U.S.S. Enterprise communications officer, disappears while on a deep space mission.

   "The Starless World." He disappeared when she was twenty years old.

The famous MacMurray Encounter occurs. Captain Kirk accepts the position of Royal High Minister Plenipotentiary for the Emperor MacMurray in the trinary Noah system, and is commended by Starfleet.

   "The Galactic Whirlpool." In Kirk's first year as Enterprise captain.

Dr. Albar Exar voluntarily isolates himself on Fornax II.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages - Ni Var." Six years before the story.

Thomas Clayton after dropping out of the Academy becomes an interstellar trader and vanishes near the galactic core.

   "The Starless World." Five years before the story.

Stardate 6001.1. Mori, grandson of a Triumvir of Arcos, is born.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - Surprise!" Four years before the story.

Dr. Albar Exar will become indebted to Spock's papers published on the Alfacite Energy Phenomenon and will use the data to further his research into genetics.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages - Ni Var." A few years before the story.

Twenty miners ship out to the dilithium mining colony on the planet Muldoon.

   "Mudd's Angels." Four years before the story.

Captain James Kirk takes command of the Starship Enterprise. Before taking the ship out, Kirk has the ship's library computer upgraded to a primary storage level equal to that at Starfleet Command.

   STAR TREK and "The Galactic Whirlpool."

Mori, grandson of Triumvir Moraan of Arcos, is born.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - Surprise!" Four years before the story.

A case of space cafard occurs on the Westmoreland, a spaceship with a four-man crew, but not equipped with artificial gravity.

   "Mission to Horatius." One year before the book.

The Enterprise is ordered to sector NGC-400 on the frontiers of the galaxy. They open their sealed orders which require them to respond to a distress call received by Starfleet sent by a colony in the Horatius (NGC-434) system. They investigate the three colony worlds in the system, Neolithia, Mythra and Bavarya.

   "Mission to Horatius."

Stardate 4011.9. A major war breaks out between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. Communication to the planet Organia is cutoff. Recording a navigational grid on the far side of Klingon space near the Shapley Center, the Enterprise attempts a transporter experiment by beaming Commander Spock to Organia in tachyonic form. The experiment fails, yielding duplicate Spocks. The ship lays in a direct course for Organia: a journey of nearly 6 months, 4 of which will be spent cutting through Klingon space. There, the duplicate Spock is eradicated while the Organians are freed from a Klingon-designed planetary thought-shield. The Organians deprive the Klingons of spaceflight for a thousand years. The Enterprise reports to Starbase 16 for two weeks down time and new assignment.

   "Spock Must Die!."

Lieutenant Dubois is assigned to the engineering section of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages - Intersection Point." Six months before the story.

The U.S.S. Halcyon disappears without explanation.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages - Intersection Point." One month before the story.

Stardate 4231.2. After the lengthy duration of the last mission, the Enterprise undergoes general maintenance at Starbase 13 while the crew take shore leave. The Enterprise then investigates Heartland, a planet inhabited by the mysterious Danon race. Kirk recommends that the planet's quarantine be enforced following the discovery of a machine intelligence inhabiting this world as the Enterprise heads back to Starbase 13.

   "Devil World."

Stardate 6834.5. Enroute to R & R on Starbase 10, the Enterprise briefly diverts to Fornax II to transport a sealed tape of Dr. Albar Exar's genetic work. Prior to the doctor's death, he splits Spock into two halves: one Vulcan, one Human, by transporter means. The Enterprise again diverts, to Iota Ceti VI to rescue a U.F.P. survey team. At Starbase 10, Spock is reunified and after ten days of R & R the Enterprise proceeds to Sector 5 for exploration and mapping operations.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages - Ni Var."

The Enterprise encounters the remains of the U.S.S. Halcyon, an Avenger-class scout, destroyed by an interdimensional contact point--which the Enterprise narrowly escapes from.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages - Intersection Point."

The Enterprise personnel take shore leave on the frontier world Rhinegelt. Spock undertakes the mok farr ritual - the time of remembrance. It is the Vulcan rite of passage into adulthood by mind-melding with one of the native animals.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages - The Hunted."

On an un-named Class M planet, the Enterprise crew mutiny after establishing contact with psionic sapient insect life.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages - The Winged Dreamers."

In an alternate timeline, Captain Spock of the Enterprise rescues the former Captain Kirk, stranded on Earth in the 1950s via the Guardian of Forever. Kirk, having been abducted over a year ago by Kor and subjected to the Klingon mind sifter, recovers his sanity at Starbase 11.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages - Mind-Sifter."

Stardate 6132.8. The enigmatic planet Anomaly is discovered by the starship Enterprise and contact is made with the telepathic Arivne and the invading Irapina.

   "Planet of Judgment."

Stardate 6188.4. Transporting Kostas Spyroukis from Babel (Wolf 424) to Epsilon Delta IV, the Enterprise receives a Priority-1 call to evacuate the colonists in danger of zeton radiation poisoning. A renegade Organian named Enowil abducts the Enterprise, the Klingon star cruiser Destructor commanded by Captain Kolvor, and the Romulan vessel Talon commanded by Commander Actius Probicol. Fulfilling Enowil's wish, the Enterprise is released in orbit of Epsilon Delta IV with the colonists moved to a new world named Spyroukis created by Enowil.

   "Trek to Madworld."

Stardate 6451.3. Dr. Katalya Tremain transports aboard the Enterprise from Starbase 11 to help explore and contact life forms on the planet Arachnae, in time to prevent its system from slipping into Romulan space due to violent ion storm activity shifting the magnetic field marker of the Neutral Zone. Commander Maximus Thrax of the Decius claims the system.


Stardate 6527.5. After charting a total of 57 black holes, a Dyson Sphere world named Lyra is discovered by the Enterprise near the galactic core and the disappearance of the U.S.S. Rickover is solved. Lyra vanishes into a black hole.

   "The Starless World."

Stardate 6720.8. After the 8th day in orbit of Kyros, carrying out a planetary survey using telescan cephalic implants, a defective mind link transforms Commander Spock into a revolutionary. He sabotages the Enterprise's warp drive by removing the trilithium modulator crystals and for ten days nearly breaks the Prime Directive.

   "Spock, Messiah!."

Stardate 6827.3. In orbit of Tombstone, Klingon Koral swears a blood oath on Captain Kirk while the Enterprise is on the third extension of her mission and long overdue for R & R at Starbase 6. The Enterprise delivers supplies and a medical team to Waycross then re-establishes contact with Perry's Planet, an ancient Earth colony prior to finally reaching Starbase 6.

   "Perry's Planet."

Stardate 6914.6. Between Federation and Klingon space on Delta Gamma IV, and Enterprise survey party is infected by spores. Ambassadors travelling aboard the Enterprise from Starbase 7 to Detente Station One in the Romulan Neutral Zone are mysteriously murdered--later traced to the psionic-boosting spores.

   "Death's Angel."

Stardate 7502.9. Nearing the end of a benchmark survey of Sector 3, the Enterprise discovers the Chatalia generation ship and Captain Kulain of the Klingon warship Korezima. The Enterprise, drained of fuel, limps to Starbase 3 where it will remain for a week.

   "World Without End."

Captain James Kirk dies on Omne's Black Hole Planet. Omne, last of his race, reveals the Phoenix Process of transporter resurrection and restores Kirk to life - in duplicate. One Kirk returns to command the Enterprise and the other becomes the property of the Romulan Commander.

   "The Price of the Phoenix."

Stardate 9722.4. R. A. Roblein, Federation Director of Interworld Affairs, debates the Prime Directive of Non-Interference in the Voran Dynasty Hegemony near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Captain Kirk is appointed Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the conference. Black Omne makes his second, and perhaps last, appearance.

   "The Fate of the Phoenix."

A multi-parallel space-time inversion briefly transposes Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, and Dr. McCoy with the actors who portrayed them on the mid-20th-century science fiction television program STAR TREK. The actors William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley help the Enterprise crew as Commodore Kor claims the planet Kahless.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages - Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited." This takes place after "The Enterprise Incident" which was early 2268.

The grandson of Triumvir Moraan of Arcos is rescued from a damaged ship by the Enterprise. The crew celebrate Captain Kirk's birthday and a Sniggly energy creature disrupts activity aboard ship.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - Surprise!"

Disputes are settled on Vestalan between the Hualans and the Starfleet base, with the Enterprise's intervention.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - Snake Pit."

Stardate 5459.4. An Enterprise landing party is held hostage by a Finder, a robot probe built by the ancient Tullvan race, intent on obtaining warp drive technology.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - The Patient Parasites."

Enterprise personnel become the guinea pigs of an extradimensional scientist.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - In the Maze."

With the Enterprise observing a supernova with a consignment of astrophysicists from Starbase 6, a landing party encounters a 600 year old city of sleeping humanoids.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - Marginal Existence."

The Enterprise crews' genders are temporarily reversed in an ancient automated starship trap. Commander Kang confronts Captain Kirk for the second time.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - The Procrustean Petard."

Stardate 5828.3. Starbase 3 receives a distress call from Outpost Hadrian under attack by an unknown vessel. Several days later, Altair VII comes under attack by the same force, shortly followed by an attack on the Cannella system and several worlds in the Klingon Empire suffer the same fate. Starbase 2 orders the Enterprise to investigate. The starships Republic (NCC-1371) under Captain Manchu and Excelsior under Captain LaLiberte are dispatched to Altair. The gigantic planet-sized alien computer Nagha is responsible. The Enterprise is diverted to Raga's Planet where the Sleeping God, a mutant named Singa, is taken aboard. The Nagha is destroyed and Singa returned to Raga's Planet.

   "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 - The Sleeping God."

Stardate 6273.6. All Class I starships abort non-emergency missions to investigate abnormal shortfalls in dilithium shipments. The Enterprise aborts an expedition to the Aldebaran Sector and discovers Harry Mudd to be behind the Federation-wide shortage. Using the androids and resources of the planet Mudd (now called Liticia) and the starship Superstella, he is chased by the Enterprise to the Energy Barrier. Contact with the Barrier throws both ships into Nubecula Minor and alters the lattice structure of the dilithium aboard both ships. The crystals become unstable and set off a chain reaction destroying Nubecula Minor and throwing the Enterprise back through space-time to Stardate 6013.4, long before the Mudd crystal crisis. The Mudd androids sentence Mudd to banishment from the galaxy.

   "Mudd's Angels." This takes place some months after Mudd was left behind with the androids which happened in "I, Mudd" (TOS) which took place in 2267.

Stardate 6107. The Enterprise transports J.A. Lawrence, a civilian Integrator, to Alpha Aldiss. During the voyage, the Integrator, persuaded by Captain Kirk, integrates the Mudd Affair reports into a narrative form.

   "Mudd's Angels."

The U.S.S. Enterprise visits Earth.

   "The Galactic Whirlpool." Seven months before the story.

Stardate 4496.1. The long-lost L5 structure, the generation ship Wanderer, is discovered by the Enterprise while following Admiral La Forge's orders to search the quadrant for Klingon vessels after 12 days. After preventing the craft's destruction, the Enterprise heads for Space Station K-7 for shore leave.

   "The Galactic Whirlpool." After "The Trouble With Tribbles" (TOS). This must also be after Lieutenants Arex and M'Ress came aboard in 2269, because they are referred to in the book.

Omne's Vortex is once again accessible.

   "The Fate of the Phoenix." 53.725 years after the story.

The Lyran's Dyson sphere world's momentum dissipates and it comes to a halt.

   "The Starless World." Ninety-five years after.

Stardate 46125.3. The Galaxy-class U.S.S. Enterprise-D encounters a Dyson sphere built around a G-Type star.

   "Relics" (TNG).

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