Lieutenant Commander Selar. (Suzie Plakson). Chief Medical Officer of the Starship Excalibur under the command of Captain Calhoun.

Selar was born on Vulcan in 2332. A few years later, her little brother Slon was born. In 2340, at the age of eight, Selar was ceremonially betrothed to Voltak, the son of her father's archaeological colleague. Selar followed her mother's profession and entered the Vulcan Medical Institute in 2349. She graduated from the eight-year program in 2357 and later that year she traveled to Earth to begin Starfleet Academy. During her first days at the Academy, Selar decided to visit the swimming pool, because such things were rare on Vulcan. The relentless prankster Cadet Conner Finnegan came upon Selar standing at the edge of the pool and could not resist pushing her in. She could not swim, and promptly proceeded to drown. The stunned Finnegan had to jump in and pull her out. She resolved then and there to become a good swimmer which she later did. After her graduation from Starfleet Academy, Selar was assigned to the medical staff of two different starships in the period between 2361 and 2365.

Enterprise-D Pulaski In late 2365, Dr. Selar was transferred to the medical staff of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D under Chief Medical Officer Dr. Katherine Pulaski. Selar was posted as a staff physician and surgeon and the Vulcan worked well with Pulaski, even if Pulaski was far too emotional for Selar's liking. On stardate 42437.5, Dr. Selar was part of the away team that answered a distress call from Gravesworld and was present when noted cyberneticist Dr. Ira Graves died there of Darnay's disease. ("Schizoid Man" [TNG]). Bev Crusher When Beverly Crusher returned to the Enterprise-D in 2366, Dr. Selar and she became exceptionally good medical teammates. Later that year Dr. Selar was aboard the Enterprise-D when ship's personnel discovered an unusual radiation anomaly in space. Investigation determined the anomaly to be a temporal rift, possibly a Kerr loop of superstring material. ("Yesterday's Enterprise" [TNG]). In 2367, Selar was aboard the Enterprise-D during Dr. Dalen Quaice's visit to the ship. ("Remember Me" [TNG]). On Stardate 46552.7, Picard was revived after a close brush with death following the Lenarian attack. Dr. Selar assisted in his treatment. ("Tapestry" [TNG]). In 2369, on stardate 46830.1, Dr. Selar assisted Dr. Beverly Crusher in the investigation into the deaths of Dr. Reyga, the physicist behind the discovery of metaphasic shielding technology, and Dr. Jo'Bril, a solar plasma reactions specialist. It was learned that Jo'Bril was alive and had been behind the death of Reyga. ("Suspicions" [TNG]).

In 2370, Dr. Selar was tasked with performing a bio spectral analysis of the body of Ned Quint, a friend of Dr. Crusher's grandmother, after he died at the Caldos Colony under strange circumstances. ("Sub Rosa" [TNG]). Later that year on stardate 47653.2, Selar helped with the increased Enterprise crew complaints when they began to exhibit symptoms of Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome. ("Genesis" [TNG]).

Voltak In 2371, Selar entered pon farr while assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, and she returned to Vulcan. Sadly, her husband, Voltak, died of a massive coronary during the consummation of their marriage. Selar returned to duty on the Enterprise, but shortly thereafter she transferred off the ship to teach at the Starfleet Medical Academy.

Two years later, Captain Mackenzie Calhoun requested that Lieutenant Commander Selar be assigned as chief medical officer on his starship, based on a recommendation from Captain Picard. Dr. Selar reported aboard the Excalibur in December 2373.

Selar is stoic, completely professional and she does not tolerate imperfection in others or herself. She is a very talented physician and has particular aptitude as a surgeon. Selar is typical of traditionally trained Vulcans in that she suppresses the expression of her emotions both in public and in private. And as a Vulcan, Selar is especially sensitive to embarrassment. Although she is very observant, Selar does not seem to be able to read a person's more subtle emotional states. Selar greatly respected Dr. Beverly Crusher, her superior while aboard the Enterprise, and learned much from her. Selar has almost no bedside manner to speak of, but has gotten by because of her skill and partly because patients don't expect Vulcans to be compassionate. Her job is everything to her and she has little in the way of a personal life away from her medical duties. This is evidenced by her Spartan quarters which are devoid of any personal belongings. One exception is a Shantzar, or Vulcan memory lamp, that she keeps to honor the memory of her deceased husband Voltak. Selar is an intensely private individual and generally keeps to herself, and as far as close friends go, she has but one, Giniv, who she met while attending medical school on Vulcan. She is currently not close to any other member of the crew of the Excalibur, even though she has had very personal talks with both Soleta and Burgoyne. Like many Vulcans, Selar has spent most of her life alone. She has always been a private person, but after Voltak died, she withdrew within herself even more, and swore never again to let her guard down with someone.

Current Assignment/Duties:
Dr. Selar is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and head surgeon aboard the U.S.S. Excalibur. She is responsible with maintaining the crew's physical and psychological health and fitness. The CMO is responsible for conducting routine physical examinations and special duty physicals. Other duties of the medical officer is to diagnose and treat any crew ailments, run emergency medical drills, train the crew in first aid, set up remote hospitals and clinics and when possible, find cures for any new conditions encountered by the ship. Starfleet vessels are often tasked to render medical assistance to any ship, station or planet in need, and the CMO is charged with ensuring that this is done. A ship's Chief Surgeon performs any needed medical procedures and any elective surgery as authorized. The CMO coordinates with the ship's counselor or Executive Officer with respect to the crew psychological well being. The CMO prescribes special diets and exercise regimens as necessary. In regards to any special environments required by any alien crewmembers or visitors, the medical officer coordinates with the Operations Officer. Another task assigned to the ship's doctor is to monitor the ship's food replicators to ensure proper nutrition and safety. The doctor will often accompany away teams as new planets can harbor deadly plant and animal life.

Recent Events:
In late 2373, Selar met and was pursued by Lieutenant Commander Burgoyne 172, the ship's Chief Engineer. In Burgoyne's opinion Selar needed a relationship with someone just like hir. So, true to Burgoyne's style, s/he frankly told Selar that s/he was interested in the doctor romantically. Selar contended that she wasn't interested in Burgoyne, but deep down the engineer stirred a desire in the Vulcan.

Around that same time, Dr. Selar started having trouble with her emotions. Fearing the onset of Bendii Syndrome, Selar turned to Soleta, the only other Vulcan aboard the Excalibur, to help her determine what was happening to her. They mind melded and Soleta determined that Selar had entered pon farr. During dealings with each other during this difficult time for Selar, the two revealed much about themselves and the two formed a friendship. Selar is the only member of Starfleet who knows that Soleta is half Romulan.

  • The character of Dr. Selar first appeared on STAR TREK: The Next Generation. She appeared in the second season episode "The Schizoid Man" Although Selar's only appearance was in that one episode, she was mentioned in several others. She was referenced in "Yesterday's Enterprise", "Remember Me", "Tapestry", "Suspiscions", "Sub Rosa" and "Genesis." Her character was created by "The Schizoid Man" script writers Tracy Torme, Richard Manning and Hans Beimler.

  • The character of Dr. Selar was portrayed by actor Suzie Plakson in STAR TREK: The Next Generation. Ms. Plakson later played the very important role of K'Ehleyr, the half human half-Klingon woman who was Worf's mate and mother to his son Alexander. K'Ehleyr appeared in the second season STAR TREK: The Next Generation episode "The Emissary" and the fourth season episode "Reunion." Star Trek's writing staff to this day express regrets that the K'Ehleyr character was killed off, because she was so interesting and so much more could have been done with her. Ms. Plakson more recently appeared on STAR TREK: Voyager as a female Q in the third season episode "The Q and the Grey."

  • The initial idea of having Dr. Selar be a part of the crew in the New Frontier books was suggested by John Ordover, Senior Editor of Star Trek fiction at Pocket Books. Mr. Ordover knew that Selar, like Shelby, was a one-shot fan favorite. She was also well liked by the STAR TREK: The Next Generation writing staff since she was referenced in several episodes though only seen in one.

  • The character of Dr. Selar has been used in seven STAR TREK: The Next Generation novels. These were: "Metamorphosis" by Jean Lorrah (March 1990), "The Eyes of the Beholders" by A. C. Crispin (September 1990), "Vendetta" by Peter David (May 1991), "Chains of Command" by W. A. McCay & E. L. Flood (1991), "Imbalance" by V. E. Mitchell (1991), "Reunion" by Michael Jan Friedman (August 1992) and "Imzadi" by Peter David (July 1993). Dr. Selar played a major role in "The Eyes of the Beholders", but had a very minor part in the other six novels.

Other Members of the Excalibur Command Staff:

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