of the U.S.S. Excalibur and her crew.

Below are listed all the references to specific dates mentioned in Peter David's New Frontier. Listed also are a few key historical points that are related to the events in the series, such as the birth years and background of certain characters. In addition, references are made to those television episodes and movies which relate to the U.S.S. Excalibur and her crew.

The format used in this Chronology is essentially similar to the one employed in Mike and Denise Okuda's STAR TREK Chronology. The timeline was written in the past tense as if the writer were living in the STAR TREK universe a few years after the current adventures. Text in italics are comments made by the writer in our universe, the one in which STAR TREK was a piece of fiction.

Several thousand years ago

A powerful, star-spanning civilization, sometimes called the Uber race, begins to deposit criminals, unsavory individuals and political exiles on the planet Thallon. At the time, the planet was believed to be a cold, infertile world. These people were sent to Thallon in large space arks, and were not expected to survive. The planet proved very fertile due to the store of pure energy caused by the dormant Great Bird of the Galaxy that resided within the planet.

New Frontier: Book Two.

Planet Xenex
1873 A.D.

On the planet Zondar, longtime enemies Unglza and the Eenza finally sit down to peace talks. But they abandon their truce when the prophet Ontear predicts that there will be a great war between the two ending with the surrender of the Unglza.

Five hundred years and six months before the events in New Frontier: Book Five.


July 21. One of the pioneers of Earth's space program, American astronaut Virgil "Gus" Grissom, makes the second 15-minute Earth suborbital flight aboard the capsule Liberty Bell 7 as part of the Mercury program. After splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean, explosive bolts holding the emergency exit hatch blow without warning and water fills the capsule, forcing Grissom into the ocean. He is rescued by helicopter, but the capsule sinks.

Historical accounts.

Liberty Bell 7

January 27. While in command of the first manned flight test of the Apollo capsule, astronaut Virgil "Gus" Grissom dies along with astronauts Edward White II and Roger Chaffee in a fire during a launch pad test. Throughout the 23rd and 24th centuries, several Starfleet starships will bear the name Grissom in his honor.

Historical accounts.

Gus Grissom

The Xenexians become dominated and oppressed by the Danterians.

New Frontier: Book One. More than 300 years before the Xenexian people gained independence in 2353.


The royal family on Thallon takes control of the Thallonian Empire mainly due to their building of the great machines which were large devices that tapped the energy within their homeworld.

250 years before the Thallonian Empire fell in 2373.


The Constitution-class U.S.S. Excalibur (NCC-1664) is commissioned under the command of Captain Leonard Garth.

Conjecture. (This is consistent with the Enterprise having a later registry number (NCC-1701) since it was commissioned three years later. Also it makes the next Excalibur's commissioning occur on the 100th anniversary of this ship's launch).

circa 2250's

The immortal Morgan Primus begins to search for the Prometheans whom she hopes can end her tiresome existense.

Well over one hundred years before the events in New Frontier: Book Six.


Captain Garth in command of the U.S.S. Excalibur wins a major battle at planet Axanar. This victory will ensure the continued stability of the United Federation of Planets for decades to come. He is promoted to Fleet Captain after this historic accomplishment.

STAR TREK Chronology. That Garth commanded the Excalibur at the time is conjecture.


Fleet Captain Leonard Garth becomes seriously injured in an accident and recovers on Antos IV. Unfortunately, the cellular metamorphosis technique which enables him to heal himself also causes him to go insane. Returning to the center seat of the Excalibur, Garth later orders the ship's crew to kill the inhabitants of Antos IV. Garth is relieved of command and sent to the Federation rehab colony on planet Elba II. Captain Mark Harris is assigned as the new commanding officer of the Excalibur.

"Whom Gods Destroy" (TOS). This occurred sometime prior to Garth's attempted escape from Elba II in 2268.

Capt Garth


Stardate 4729.4. "The Ultimate Computer" (TOS). While under the command of Captain Harris, the U.S.S. Excalibur is destroyed and all aboard are killed in a simulated combat exercise against the Starship Enterprise equipped with the M-5 multitronic computer designed by Richard Daystrom. It will be 74 years before another Federation starship bears the name Excalibur.

STAR TREK Chronology.

The Heidelberg University in Germany on Earth is reopened after being closed for some years.

Captain's Table: Book Five. One hundred years before the Grissom Disaster (2368).

Old Excalibur
Stardate 5718.3. "Whom Gods Destroy" (TOS). Leonard Garth, former fleet captain and commander of the U.S.S. Excalibur, attempts to escape from confinement on Elba II by taking over the penal colony when the Enterprise comes to deliver new medications. Garth's attempts are thwarted and new treatments given him begin to reverse his mental illness.

STAR TREK Chronology.


Selar is born on Vulcan.

Conjecture. Assumes she was 33 years old in 2365.

Garth at Elba II

M'k'n'zy is born in the village of Calhoun on Xenex. He will lead his people to freedom from the Danteri. He will later join Starfleet under the name of Mackenzie Calhoun.

New Frontier: Book One. Was 19 years old in 2353.


Elizabeth Paula Shelby born.

Assumes she was 30 in 2366.


Soleta is conceived when an escaped Romulan criminal forces himself on a female Vulcan scientist on a scientific research colony. Illogically, she and her Vulcan mate decide to keep the child.

New Frontier: Book Three. Presumably occurred the year before she was born.


Charles Lefler marries the woman who will later call herself Morgan Primus. The Leflers will have only one child, a daughter Robin.

New Frontier: Book Five. They celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2350.

Mark McHenry born.

Assumes he was 17 when he entered Academy.

Soleta born on a Vulcan scientific outpost.

Assumes she was 17 when she entered Academy.

Zak Kebron born on Brikar.

Assumes he was 17 when he entered Academy.


Stardate 31032.6. Ambassador-class U.S.S. Excalibur (NCC-26517) is commissioned.

Conjecture based on the fact that the Excalibur's sister ship, the Enterprise-C, was in operation in the early 2340's.


Robin Lefler born.

Assumes she graduated Academy in 2367 and that she was 22 at the time.


Father of M'k'n'zy of Calhoun dies of a heart attack after being beaten by Danterians.

M'k'n'zy was 13 years old at the time.


During a foolhardy attack on Stener, a hated Danteri tax collector, M'k'n'zy of Calhoun kills his first man, a nameless Danteri guard. M'k'n'zy weeps at his loss of innocence

M'k'n'zy of Calhoun is given command of a medium-sixed flyer craft and he earns the rank of r'ksha, the Xenexian equivalent of captain. He leads his crew into a series of dangerous missions.

Captain's Table: Book Five. Calhoun was fourteen years old.


Over the past year several members of M'k'n'zy's crew die. The last of his men perish in a Danteri ambush. After barely escaping the destruction of his ship, Captain M'k'n'zy stops into a tavern that turns out to be an incarnation of the Captain's Table bar.

Captain's Table: Book Five. Calhoun was fifteen years old.

Wesley Crusher born. He will become very good friends with Robin Lefler.

STAR TREK Chronology.

New Excalibur

Robin Lefler, at age 5, prepares and serves breakfast in bed for her parents on their tenth wedding anniversary.

New Frontier: Book Five.


The Xenexian Rebellion, which started several years before, is finally successful. Mackenzie Calhoun is instrumental in helping his people, shrug off the chains of oppression.

New Frontier: Book One. Twenty years before 2373.

The U.S.S. Stargazer under the command of Captain Picard visits Xenex. He and Lieutenant Jack Crusher meet with Mackenzie Calhoun.


Picard Crusher


In accordance with Xenexian law, M'k'n'zy as the head of his village helps Catrine conceive a child. Her husband was a warrior in the Rebellion and had died the year before. This was M'k'n'zy's first experience with a woman.

Nineteen years before the events in New Frontier: Book Five (2373).

Calhoun briefly explores the space near his homeworld.

New Frontier: Book Four

Mackenzie Calhoun and Elizabeth Shelby enter the Academy.

In his first year at Starfleet Academy, Mackenzie Calhoun dislocates the jaw of a third-year student after the other man makes condescending remarks.

Captain's Table: Book Five.

Cadet Calhoun Cadet Shelby



After completing an eight-year program at the Vulcan Medical Institute, 25 year-old Selar travels to Earth and enters Starfleet Academy.


Worf enters Starfleet Academy.

STAR TREK Chronology.

Mark McHenry, Soleta, Zak Kebron enter Starfleet Academy. Kebron rooms with Worf.

Starfleet Academy Book One. All were in Worf's class.


Ensigns Mackenzie Calhoun and Shelby graduate from the Academy.

Four years after 2354.

In what will later be called the Brikar-Federation War, the Brikar attempt to form an alliance of races hostile to the Federation and make a bid to take over the Federation. A few skirmishes are fought over a number of weeks. The Federation defeats the Brikar handily.

Starfleet Academy Book Three


During this period Mackenzie Calhoun and Elizabeth Shelby have a three-year-long relationship. The two even become engaged at one point.

New Frontier: Books Two and Three

Cadet Selar

Cadet Kebron Cadet Worf


Mackenzie Calhoun and Elizabeth Shelby promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Two years as Ensign.

Ltjg Shelby

Ensigns Mark McHenry, Soleta and Zak Kebron graduate from the Academy.

Four years after they entered the Academy.

On her first posting out of the Academy, Ensign Soleta is assigned as a junior science officer aboard the Oberth-class U.S.S. Aldrin.

New Frontier: Book Three

ENS McHenry ENS Kebron

U.S.S. Aldrin


Mackenzie Calhoun and Elizabeth Shelby are promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Assumes they spent two years at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

The crew of the U.S.S. Aldrin captures a notorious Romulan smuggler. Ensign Soleta learns that the Romulan criminal is actually her biological father. The smuggler had molested her mother 22 years ago on a Vulcan science colony. The revelation that she was actually half-Romulan profoundly affects Soleta and she leaves Starfleet to roam space for three years.

Exact date is conjecture. She did not know her real lineage early in her Academy years, but she did know in 2363.

Ens Soleta

Robin Lefler enters Starfleet Academy.

Entered at age 18.

Ambassador Spock goes to Thallon as a undercover cultural observer.

Ensign Soleta ventures to Thallon to study the extraordinary geological makeup of the world. She is arrested by the xenophobic Thallonians, but escapes with the help of Ambassador Spock and a member of he Thallonian royal family, Lord Si Cwan.

New Frontier: Book Two. Ten years before 2373.

After her visit to Thallon, Soleta continues to roam space for two more years, returning to Starfleet in 2365.

New Frontier: Book Three

Amb Spock

Mark McHenry and Zak Kebron are promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Assumes they spent two years as Ensigns.


While Robin Lefler is a second-year Academy cadet, her mother Morgan reportedly dies in a shuttle explosion. Actually, her mother is an immortal and she has faked her death in order to move on. Robin will not learn the truth for 9 years.

Ten years before the events in New Frontier: Book 6.

Lefler Cadet


Stardate 42437.5. "Schizoid Man" (TNG). U.S.S. Enterprise-D, responds to a distress call from Kareen Brianon, assistant to noted molecular cyberneticist Dr. Ira Graves. An away team is left on Gravesworld, while the Enterprise proceeds expeditiously to a successful rescue mission to the U.S.S. Constantinople. Still on Gravesworld, Enterprise staff physician Dr. Selar runs medical scans on Dr. Ira Graves, discovering that he is terminally ill. Before his death, Graves succeeds in recording the sum of his personal knowledge into the Enterprise computer.

STAR TREK Chronology.

Soleta travels to Vulcan after learning that her mother is dying. Her dying wish is that Soleta return to Starfleet and get on with her life. Soleta accedes to her desires and returns to teach at Starfleet Academy on Earth.

New Frontier: Book Three.

Mark McHenry and Zak Kebron are promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Assumes they spent two years at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Ensign Chu'lak assigned to the Excelsior-class U.S.S. Grissom.

"Field of Fire" (DS9). He served aboard the Grissom for ten years before being assigned to Deep Space 9 in 2375.


Mackenzie Calhoun and Elizabeth Shelby are promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Four years as Lieutenant. She was seen as a Lieutenant Commander in the episodes "Best of Both Worlds, Parts I & II" (TNG).

Lieutenant Commander Shelby, while assigned to Starfleet Tactical, is placed in charge of Borg tactical analysis by Admiral J. P. Hanson. Her assignment is to develop a defense strategy against an anticipated Borg offensive.

Six months before "Best of Both Worlds" (TNG).

Stardate 43625.2. "Yesterday's Enterprise" (TNG). Dr. Selar is aboard the Enterprise-D when ship's personnel discover an unusual radiation anomaly in space. Investigating determines the anomaly to be a temporal rift, possibly a Kerr loop of superstring material. Initial readings suggest there may have been a spacecraft within the rift, but later indications show this reading was mistaken. A Class-1 sensor probe is launched to further investigate the phenomenon.

STAR TREK Chronology.

Lieutenant Katerina Mueller is assigned to the U.S.S. Grissom.

Captain's Table: Book Five. Two years before Calhoun reported aboard.

LCDR Calhoun LCDR Shelby
Stardate 43989.1. "Best of Both Worlds, Part I" (TNG). U.S.S. Enterprise-D at Jouret IV finds New Providence colony to have been totally destroyed, with no sign of the colony's 900 inhabitants. Surface conditions are almost identical to those found at System J-25 on Stardate 42761.3, suggesting that the New Providence colony had been attacked by the Borg. Admiral J. P. Hanson of Starbase 324 assigns Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Shelby to the Enterprise-D to assist with tactical preparations.

After the U.S.S. Lalo is believed destroyed by the Borg, indications are that a Borg vessel is headed for Sector 001. Admiral Hanson orders every available Starfleet ship to rendezvous at Wolf 359 to mount a defense.

Stardate 43997. Although, preparations continue aboard the Enterprise-D, Captain Picard is abducted by the Borg. After Picard's abduction, Commander Riker assumes command of the ship, choosing Lieutenant Commander Shelby as his executive officer.

STAR TREK Chronology.


Stardate 44001.4. "Best of Both Worlds, Part II" (TNG). An armada of 40 Federation and Klingon starships is nearly annihilated at Wolf 359 by the Borg. Eleven thousand personnel (including Admiral Hanson) and 39 starships are lost. It is believed that the involuntary cooperation of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, then known as Locutus of Borg, played a significant role in this terrible defeat. The Borg ship proceeds to Earth and is met by the Enterprise-D. A rescue mission is successful in recovering Captain Picard, and a study of Picard's Borg implants yields information that makes it possible to trigger a self-destruct command on the Borg vessel.

Captain Picard resumes command of the Enterprise-D and Riker again becomes his First Officer. Lieutenant Commander Shelby returns to Starbase 324 to continue her work at Starfleet Tactical.

STAR TREK Chronology.

Shelby Riker
Ensign Robin Lefler graduates from Starfleet Academy. Her first posting is to the U.S.S. Enterprise-D.

Four years after entering the Academy in 2363.

Stardate 44161.2. "Remember Me" (TNG). Dr. Selar was aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-D when Dr. Dalen Quaice came aboard the ship for passage to planet Kenda II.

STAR TREK Chronology.


Ens Lefler


Elizabeth Shelby promoted to Commander.

She was promoted just before Calhoun.

Mackenzie Calhoun is promoted to Commander and assigned as first officer of the Excelsior-class U.S.S. Grissom.

New Frontier: Book Three.

Ambassador Spock secretly travels to Romulus on a personal mission to further the cause of Romulan-Vulcan reunification.

STAR TREK Chronology. We learned of this in "Unification, Parts I and II" (TNG).



Stardate 45020.4. "Redemption, Part II" (TNG). The U.S.S. Excalibur serves in Captain Jean-Luc Picard's armada to blockade Romulan supply ships supplying the Klingon forces loyal to the Duras family during the Klingon civil war. During this assignment, Commander William Riker served as the Excalibur's captain and Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge was his first officer. Also in the armada is the Miranda-class U.S.S. Tian An Men with Lieutenant Burgoyne 172 aboard as an engineering warp specialist.

STAR TREK Chronology.

Captain Morgan Korsmo assumes command of the Starship Excalibur.


Stardate 45047.2. "Darmok" (TNG). Lefler helps Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge modify the transporter system while Captain Picard is trapped on the surface of planet El-Adrel IV.

STAR TREK Chronology.

The U.S.S. Excalibur encounters a small Borg scout vessel. Through heroic efforts by Captain Korsmo, the Excalibur escapes destruction, but a portion of the starship's engineering section is extracted and taken by the Borg ship before it returns to the Delta Quadrant via a transwarp conduit. Several crewmembers including Lieutenant Marika Wilkarah are trapped in the stolen section and are assimilated by the Collective. After the encounter, the Excalibur travels to Starbase 234 to repair its severely damaged secondary hull.

"Survival Instinct" (VGR). We learned that Wilkarah served aboard the Excalibur and that she was assimilated eight or more years before the episode which was set in 2376.

Borg scout

Marika Wilkarah

Ensign Robin Lefler is promoted to mission specialist.

STAR TREK Chronology. Some months before "The Game" (TNG).

Robin Lefler works on optimizing sensor usage for a survey of the previously uncharted Phoenix cluster.

STAR TREK Chronology. Just prior to "The Game" (TNG).

Stardate 45208.2. "The Game" (TNG). A Ktarian military operative attempts to take over the Enterprise-D by giving crewmembers small recreational devices which employ sophisticated neural-optical conditioning techniques that control human behavior. Lieutenant Commander Data and Cadet Wesley Crusher, on leave from Starfleet Academy, are successful in freeing the crew of the mind control effects of the Ktarian devices. Mission specialist Robin Lefler is also credited with helping to identify the threat posed by he Ktarians.

STAR TREK Chronology.

The so-called Grissom Disaster occurs. The ship's first officer, Commander Mackenzie Calhoun, is court-martialed. He is exonerated, but the incident prompts him to resign Starfleet.

Five years before the events in New Frontier: Book One which takes place in late 2373.


Stardate 46125.3. "Relics" (TNG). The U.S.S. Enterprise, investigating a distress call, discovers an ancient Dyson Sphere. The distress call is found to have originated from the U.S.S. Jenolen, a transport vessel that crashed into the sphere in 2295 while en route to the Norpin V Colony. The only survivor is Captain Montgomery Scott, who had survived by suspending himself in a transporter beam for nearly 75 years. Scott is instrumental in freeing the Enterprise-D from the Dyson Sphere's interior, where it had been trapped. Scott is subsequently granted the indefinite loan of a shuttlecraft, in which he sets out, alone, to explore the cosmos.

STAR TREK Chronology.

Soleta promoted to Lieutenant.

Conjecture. She was probably promoted later than her classmates since she took a three year "sabbatical."

USS Grissom
Morgan Primus, mother of Robin Lefler, is imprisoned for trespassing by the Momidiums of the Gamma Hydrinae System. She will be held for five years and released in 2374.

Ten years before the events in New Frontier: Book Six.

Admiral Nechayev recruits Mackenzie Calhoun as a deep-cover operative.

Captain's Table: Book Five. One year after the Grissom Disaster.

The Enterprise makes rendezvous with the U.S.S. Cairo for an urgent meeting of Vice-Admiral Alynna Nechayev with Captain Jean-Luc Picard concerning the Cardassian situation. Captain Edward Jellico relinquishes command of the Cairo.

STAR TREK Chronology. Just prior to "Chain of Command, Part I" (TNG)

Stardate 46357.4. "Chain of Command, Parts I and II" (TNG). Captain Edward Jellico assumes command of the Starship Enterprise while Captain Picard, Lieutenant Worf and Dr. Beverly Crusher conduct a special covert mission to planet Celtris III, investigating possible Cardassian metagenic weapons development.

STAR TREK Chronology.

Capt. Jellico
Stardate 46552.7. "Tapestry" (TNG). Picard is revived after a close brush with death following the Lenarian attack. Dr. Selar assists in the treatment of Picard. Afterwards, Picard reports a near-death experience in which Q showed him what his life would have been like if he had changed certain key actions early in his career.

STAR TREK Chronology.

Stardate 46830.1. "Suspicions" (TNG). Dr. Selar assists Dr. Beverly Crusher in the investigation into the deaths of Dr. Reyga, the physicist behind the discovery of metaphasic shielding technology, and Dr. Jo'Bril, a solar plasma reactions specialist. It is learned that Jo'Bril was alive and was behind the death of Reyga.

STAR TREK Chronology.


Robin Lefler promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Assumes she spent two years as an Ensign.

Stardate 47423.9. "Sub Rosa" (TNG). Dr. Selar performs a bio-spectral analysis of the body of Ned Quint after he dies at the Caldos Colony under strange circumstances.

STAR TREK Chronology.

Stardate 47653.2. "Genesis" (TNG). Dr. Selar helps with the increased complaints of the Enterprise-D's crew when they begin to exhibit symptoms of the intron virus.

STAR TREK Chronology.

Captain Edward Jellico is promoted to Admiral.

Conjecture. This happened between 2369 and 2373.



Selar enters pon farr while assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, and she returns to Vulcan. Her husband, Voltak, dies of a massive coronary during the consummation of their pon farr.

Two years before New Frontier: Book One which takes place in 2373.

Lieutenant Burgoyne has shore leave on Argelius II and there he meets retired Starfleet Captain Montgomery Scott. Scott introduces Burgoyne to real Scots whiskey. Burgoyne thinks that Scott is hiding from life and confronts him about it. Scotty leaves Argelius and gets back to living life.

Two years before the events in New Frontier: Book Three.

Commander Shelby is assigned to the U.S.S. Excalibur as first officer under Captain Korsmo. The ship's assistant chief engineer is Lieutenant Burgoyne 172, who will later become the Chief Engineer of the vessel.

New Frontier: Book Two.

Selar Voltak





Robin Lefler promoted to Lieutenant.

Assumes she spent two years at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

LT Lefler

Stardate 50893.5. The Borg attack a task force led by Admiral Hayes at Earth. The Starship Excalibur is damaged in the attack and several of the crew including Captain Korsmo are killed.

"STAR TREK: First Contact".

After the battle, the Excalibur is sent to drydock for repairs. During the refit, the ship's warp core is upgraded so that it's original max speed of warp 9.2 is increased to just below that of the newer Intrepid-class vessels. The ship's structural integrity field and hull is strengthened to accomodate the stresses of the higher speeds. Most of the ship's crew are reassigned. First Officer Shelby and Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Burgoyne 172 remain aboard. Commander Shelby is promised the command of the U.S.S. Excalibur by Starfleet Command.

New Frontier: Books One and Two.

Borg Battle

Excalibur Dock

The Thallonian Empire collapses. Many thousands of refugees leave the system.

Ambassador Spock is recalled from his assignment on Romulus to attend the Thallonian Summit, because of his experience with Thallonian internal politics.

The Thallonian Summit. A meeting aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-E is convened to discuss Starfleet's response to the Thallonian situation. Present are Captain Picard, Commander Riker, Ambassador Spock, and Admirals Nechayev and Jellico. It is decided to send a lone starship, the Excalibur, into the area. Over Admiral Jellico's objections, Mackenzie Calhoun in chosen to be the commander of that vessel.




Mackenzie Calhoun is promoted to captain and is assigned command of the 31-year-old Ambassador-class U.S.S. Excalibur.

On the request of Captain Calhoun, Starfleet physician Dr. Selar transfers to the Excalibur as the ship's chief medical officer. His decision is based upon on the recommendations of Captain Picard and Dr. Beverly Crusher.

New Frontier: Book Two

After teaching at the Academy for eight years, Lieutenant Soleta is assigned as science officer of the Excalibur based on the recommendation of Ambassador Spock.

New Frontier: Book One

Stardate 50923.1. Captain Calhoun reports aboard the Excalibur. Shortly afterwards, Commander Shelby comes aboard and Calhoun chooses her to be the ship's Executive Officer.

CAPT Calhoun LT Soleta


Stardate 50924.6. The Excalibur leaves drydock and the ship immediately heads for Sector 221-G, the location of the former Thallonian Empire. Shortly after getting underway, former Thallonian prince Lord Si Cwan is found stowing away in Soleta's luggage. The senior staff meets and decide to allow him to remain aboard.

U.S.S. Excalibur Chief Medical Officer Dr. Selar enters the pon farr.



The transport ship Cambon carrying 47 Thallonian refugees attempts to traverse the Gauntlet near the Lemax system. The vessel is fired upon and crippled. The ship's master, Captain Hufmin, sends out a distress signal.

Stardate 50926.1. The Excalibur comes to the aid of Captain Hufmin, taking the refugees aboard and sending an engineering team to repair his freighter.



The Excalibur intercepts a message from the Thallonian science vessel Kayven Ryin. The runabout Marquand, with Lieutenant Kebron and Si Cwan aboard, is dispatched to rendezvous with the ship which claims to have Si Cwan's lost sister Kallinda aboard.

New Frontier: Book Two

A Nelkarite ship, commanded by Laheera, arrives while the Excalibur is rendering aid to the Cambon. Upon hearing of the Thallonian refugees, Laheera offers them sanctuary on her homeworld.

Upon arrival of the planet Nelkar, the Thallonian refugees are sent down to the capital city of Selinium. Immediately, Laheera and Governor Celter take them hostage, threatening to kill them all if Captain Mackenzie Calhoun does not give them advanced Federation technology. Calhoun refuses to negotiate.

New Frontier: Book Three

Stardate 50927.2. While attempting to force Laheera to back down, Calhoun makes a recording of her as she states that the death of thousands of her people mean nothing to her. The hostage situation is resolved when Calhoun orders that the recording be broadcast over the planet's communications grid. This incites the Nelkarite people to mob and slay Laheera and Celter.

Lieutenant Zak Kebron and Lord Si Cwan are taken to Thallon as D'ndai's prisoners after a battle with Si Cwan's nemesis Zoran Si Verdin that results in the destruction of the Marquand and the Kayven Ryin.

The planet Thallon becomes increasingly unstable.

The Starship Excalibur tracks Kebron and Si Cwan to Thallon and the senior staff beam down. Kebron is released and Si Cwan is accused of murdering Falkar, Ryjaan's father years ago. Captain Mackenzie Calhoun announces that he was the one that killed Falkar. Ryjaan demands the Danterian right of the Final Challenge and he and Calhoun fight to the death. Calhoun emerges victorious just as the planet Thallon begins to break up.

Thousands of inhabitants evacuate just before the legendary Great Bird of the Galaxy emerges from the broken shell of the planet Thallon. The huge firebird flies off and then disappears as it warps through the fabric of space.

The U.S.S. Excalibur heads back to a starbase with Si Cwan once again aboard.

New Frontier: Book Four

Lieutenant Cray's 5-year sentence in a Starfleet prison camp for murder and falsifying official orders comes to an end and he is released.

Captain's Table: Book Five. Five years after the Grissom Disaster.


LT Kebron


The U.S.S. Grissom is destroyed by the Jem'Hadar at the Battle of Riktor Prime. Lieutenant Chu'lak is one of only six crewmembers to survive.

"Field of Fire" (DS9). The ship was destroyed a few months before the episode (2375).

Battle of Riktor Prime

Stardate 53049.2. During its sixth year trapped in the Delta Quadrant, the U.S.S. Voyager under the command of Kathryn Janeway, docks at a Markorian outpost space station. While there the ship's crew encounters three ex-Borg drones and eventually helps them fully disconnect from the Collective. As a result of the procedure, the drones have but a few months left to live. One of them is former Excalibur crewmember Lieutenant Marika Wilkarah. The other two ex-drones go on their way, but Marika decides to remain aboard as one of Voyager's crew.

"Survival Instinct" (VGR).

ex-Borg Wilkarah

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